Voters in Ward 6 ousted the president of the City Council Tuesday, as Ryan Pereira, a newcomer to city politics, handily defeated six-term incumbent Councilor Joe Lopes.

Turnout in the city’s first election without a mayor’s race on the ballot was a paltry 10.8%.

In the other closely contested ward race, two-term incumbent Brad Markey hung on for a narrow victory over attorney Leo Choquette.

In the at-large City Council race, Shane Burgo took the open seat, finishing fifth with 9% of the vote. Read the full story here.

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All winners are italicized with asterisks below.

At-Large City CouncilPercentVotes
*Ian Abreu15.703,830
*Shane Burgo9.692,364
*Naomi Carney11.122,714
Paul Chasse92,195
*Brian Gomes12.803,123
Jason Mello8.532,082
*Linda Morad11.822,884
Scott Pemberton7.181,751
David Sullivan5.491,340
Lisa White8.212,004

Ward 1PercentVotes
Leo Choquette48.37725
*William “Brad” Markey51.30769
Ward 2
*Maria Giesta97.63454
Ward 3
*Hugh Dunn82.45390
Ward 4
*Derek Baptiste97.03685
Ward 5
Zach Boyer32.12536
*Scott Lima67.291,123
Ward 6
Joseph R. Lopes43.65550
*Ryan Pereira56.11707
School BoardPercentVotes
*Melissa Costa32.933,859
*Colleen Dawicki31.653,709
*Ross M. Grace Jr.34.404,032
Assessor At LargePercentVotes
*Kimberly Saunders61.423,701
Erik Andrade38.172,300