Dear Reader,

Welcome to Petarenapro, your new home for community-based local news. As you can see, we are not a typical breaking news outlet. We hope to be something different, something more.

Our goal is to go deep on big issues, often driven by data, and to reflect the incredible diversity of our city through its vibrant local culture. We seek to provide information and insight that stimulates healthy debate and bolsters civic life; we want to celebrate the experience and creative expression of all New Bedford's people.

We begin with the issue that defines our time: COVID-19. You will find stories that probe and chronicle the extraordinary events of the past year, including the first detailed look at the friends, neighbors and loved ones who've perished. These are difficult stories to tell, and to absorb. We all want to move on. But to do so, we need to know where we've been, and where we are.

As the city takes its first tentative steps away from the pandemic and toward in-person communal life, we highlight some of the wonderful events that await. In coming weeks, we'll look at what's happening with New Bedford real estate prices and rents, race and policing, the wind industry and jobs, municipal finance and taxes. What else do you want covered? By all means, let us know.

Thank you for joining us,
Barbara Roessner
Founding Editor

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