Can dogs eat apricots?

can dogs eat apricots

Dogs enjoy eating the fruit as a sweet treat, and the dog’s owners feel happy to give them natural and nutritional snacks to our canine. But feeding them the fruits, always check whether it is safe for your canine. So the question is, here can dogs eat apricots? Yes, dogs can eat apricots but in the moderation amount. It is perfectly safe for your canine and gives the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

You can offer the apricots to your canine in different ways, such as ice cream or apricots biscuits. But remember to remove the stones, leaves, and stems from the apricots. And cut it into small pieces because it can prevent choking hazards. Here know that can dogs eat olives?

Can dogs eat dried apricots?

It is safe to feed the dried apricots to your canine. But it comes with the stem and leaves, so remove it before feeding it to your pup because it can cause the problem. Before giving the dried apricots, check the label and examine if they contain added sugar.

dried apricot

If your canine is suffering from the overweight, then avoid it and feed them fresh apricots. Moreover, remember that you never provide your companion with dried fruits with apricots because these are highly toxic for dogs, like macadamia nuts and raisins. Here know that can dogs eat mushrooms?

Potential benefits to feeding apricots to your canine

Apricots carry the potential health benefits such as;

Regulating cholesterol:

The apricots’ Soluble fiber and potassium help regulate your dog’s cholesterol level.

Antioxidants rich:

antioxident rich

Antioxidants and the apricots’ beta carotene help protect your canine from free radical damage. So beta carotene helps to improve the dog’s eyesight, especially since it is helpful for senior dogs.

Rich in vitamins:

The apricots contain vitamin A and C, which helps to improve the canine immune system and helps in bone development.

Relieving constipation:

Apricot flesh is an excellent source of dietary fiber which help to relieve constipation and regular bowel movements.

How many apricots can a dog eat?

feed apricot

You should take 10% of your canine daily diet, and the other 90% give their regular food. But remember that you always consult your vet before introducing new human food to your canine. Moreover, serving the proper apricot ideas is based on your dog’s breed and size. And always cut the apricot in a small size, no matter your canine breed. As well as apricots know that can dogs eat plums?

Can dogs eat apricot jam?

Usually, apricot has no toxic ingredients, but they have a high amount of sugar that can cause the problem. Further, too much sugar can lead to overweight or diabetes. And avoid sugar-free jams because it contains xylitol which is toxic for dogs. As well as dog food, know about GPS Wireless Dog Fence.

Tips to safely feed the apricots to dogs

Follow these tips before feeding the apricots to your canine;

Remove the pits, stem, and leaves:

Always discard these parts of feeding these parts of the apricots, such as the stem, pit, and leaves, because it contains a trace amount of the chemical cyanide, which is toxic for dogs.

Slice into small sizes:

slice of apricot

Cut the apricots into small pieces before sharing them with your canine; it prevents them from choking hazards. Further, breaking the fruit into pieces is easier to swallow and ingest. So always consume the trim amounts for your small breed dogs.

Serve in moderation amount:

First, introduce the food to your canine in a small amount and see the reaction to your fur baby. And gives only ten percent of the human diet to your puppy.

Risk of feeding apricots to dogs

Choking hazards:

Fruits like apricots have choking hazards, which can cause problems for dogs and are life-threatening, causing an intestinal blockage in the digestive system.

Digestive problem:

Overfeeding can cause diarrhea in dogs, so be careful.

Cyanide poisoning:

Always discards the apricot’s pits, leaves, and stem; otherwise, it can cause a dangerous problem in dogs. If your puppy eats the hole and stem and shows these signs like difficulty breathing bright red gums, and vomiting, consult your vet.  As well as know can dogs eat pomegranates?


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