Can dogs eat beet?

can dogs eat beets

Beets are healthy and nutritional food for humans and safe for dogs. Pet owners want to know that can dogs eat beet. So the answer is yes but in the moderation amount. It is an excellent addition to the dog’s diet and provides beneficial micronutrients. Beets are packed with minerals, vitamins, and many beneficial nutrients. Here know that can dogs eat spinach?

Are beets good for dogs?

Beets contain minerals, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and folate. And its skin provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Further, in moderation, beets are suitable for the dog’s coat skin and restraint. Even the vet recommends this to dogs suffering from unhealthy skin, fur loss, and stomach issues. So beets are an excellent option; feed them in moderation amounts.  

Beets nutrition facts

Here are some nutritional details about beet:

nutrition fact
  • Calcium:16mg
  • Iron:8mg
  • Vitamin C:4.9mg
  • Water:87.58g
  • Energy:73cal
  • Sodium:78mg
  • Magnasium:23mg
  • Sugar:6.76g
  • Fiber:2.8g
  • Protein:1.61g
  • Total fat: .17g

Health risks to giving the beets to dogs

Beets are high in oxalic acid, which can form kidney stones, bladder stones, and urinary crystals. But remember that if your canine suffers from calcium deficiency symptoms, contact your vet before giving the beet. Moreover, beets are also high in sugar, so feed them in small quantities; otherwise, high sugar can lead to obesity and pancreatitis. And it can cause trouble in some dogs, like gas and diarrhea. As well as know can dogs drink beer?

Can dogs eat fresh beets?

fresh beet for dog

Yes, you can feed them fresh beets; even give them cooked or raw beets. Further, organic beets are the safest and the best choice because they are grown without pesticides and chemicals. Additionally, before giving the best clean and peel it into small pieces. Another option is that you can be cooked or roast the beet. As well as know can dogs drink coffee?

Can beets turn my dog’s urine red?  

Yes, it happens, so do not panic if your beloved friend’s pee is dark pink or red after eating the beets. Moreover, the betalain pigment found in beet is excreted in the urine, so don’t panic; you should need any medical problem. But remember that if the color doesn’t disappear after days, you need to consult the vet; it may be some urinary tract infection or kidney stone. As well as beets know about that can dogs eat broccoli?

Can dogs eat canned beet?

canned beets

Yes, but don’t add salt and other ingredients. Before giving the beet, remind a few things;

  • First, scrub or peel the beet because its peel is too hard, the canine doesn’t digest it, and its taste is useless.
  • Large chunks can cause a choking hazard, so serve in small pieces.
  • Give in the moderation amount always serve as the snacks.
  • Avoid toxic ingredients such as garlic, onion, seasoning oil, and other components.

Benefits of feeding beets

As we discuss, the above beets contain vitamins, minerals, and proteins. The main benefit of that it boosts the digestive system. So if your canine is suffering from upset stomach issues, mix the beet in their daily diet. Further, the benefits of the beets are:

  • Helps a dog get the healthier skin
  • Give a benefit to your canine coat and makes it healthier
  • Boost your fur baby’s immune system


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