Can dogs eat dragon fruit?

can dogs eat dragon fruit

Pet parents want to know that dogs can eat dragon fruit. So the answer is yes because it is full of healthy benefits. So it is full of antioxidants that are a healthy addition to the dog’s diet. This fruit comes from Mexico and Central America but grows in Southeast Asia, Florida, and Australia. So feed in moderation because it is too large and can cause an upset stomach. As well as dog food, know about the best dog life jacket.

Is dragon fruit safe for dogs?

It is a healthy dog snack because it contains antioxidants, fiber, and essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Further, it has these health benefits for the dogs;

Healthy fatty acid:

Dragon fruit is a good source of omega-3 and six fatty acids. It is an essential nutrient that dogs cannot produce on their own. It promotes healthy skin and coats to make them shiny and healthy. And can reduce the inflammation that can cause the allergy and arthritis.

Low in calories:

low in calories

Dragon fruit contains only 60 calories which is a healthy alternative treat for dogs that need to lose weight.

Iron and calcium:

Calcium and iron are healthy for dogs and help develop the bones in humans and dogs. Calcium is also needed in the cardiovascular system and supports the normal function of blood clotting in dogs. Moreover, dragon fruit is best for dogs with anemia; it improves iron deficiency.

Vitamin C:

Dragon fruits contain vitamin C, which boosts the dog’s immune system. However, avoid too much consumption of vitamin C because it can lead to kidney and health problems. Well, as know, can dogs eat chickpeas?

Full of antioxidants:

full of antioxidants

These tropical fruits contain high antioxidants, preventing dogs from severe health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.

Are there any risks to feeding the dragon fruit to dogs?

The major drawback of feeding dragon fruits to your beloved friend is that it has too much sugar, which can lead to health issues.

Weight gain:

We mentioned that dragon is a low-calorie snack, but consuming too much can cause obesity due to high sugar concentration.

Tooth decay:

tooth decay

Sugar is one of the most common causes of tooth decay. So feed in a small amount to prevent tooth decay.

Gastric Issue:

Too much sugar can lead to digestive problems such as loose stools, tummy aches, and diarrhea. Moreover, excessive sugar amount can eliminate the good gut bacteria growing stomach.

Poor coat and skin quality:

Too much sugar disrupts the endocrine system in dogs. These hormones keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy. As well know, can dogs eat whipped cream?

How much dragon fruit can dogs eat?

feed dragon fruit

Do not feed a large amount of dragon fruit can cause problems. Generally, two to three spoonfuls of dragon fruit are enough for dogs. Further, permanently remove the flesh of fruits and cut it into small pieces to prevent your buddy from choking.

Can dogs eat dragon fruit seeds?

Yes, dogs can eat dragon fruit seeds. Further, the dragon fruit seeds are small and soft that cannot cause blockage in the dog’s stomach. So there is no need to remove black seeds before feeding your beloved. As well, as know about Can dogs eat vinegar?


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