Can dogs eat pears?

can dogs eat pears

As a human, we love fruits. And want to share things with our companion. Sometimes it can cause trouble, but most fruits and vegetables are safe for dogs. But can dogs eat pears? So the answer is yes, it is healthy for 6the dogs, and they love them. Further, pears contain nutrients and are rich in sugar, so give them in moderation as an occasional treat. Here know that can dogs eat vinegar?

Are pears healthy for dogs?

Pears are rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, and all essential nutrients in a dog’s diet. Further, it also contains 5 grams of dietary fiber per cup. It is also necessary for the dog’s digestive health, so feed them in small amounts at the start. As well as know that can dogs eat blackberries?

Risk of feeding the pears to dogs

risk of feeding pears

A few risks are associated with providing the pears to the dog because it has choking hazards. So cut the pears into small sizes and monitor your canine carefully; it prevents your buddy from blocking threats. Moreover, pears seeds contain a trace amount of the toxin cyanide. Before feeding your fur baby, remove the pear core and seeds; it prevents your baby from choking.

Can dogs eat canned pears?

Canned pears are not suitable for the dogs like canned fruits. Caned pears give too much sugar, irritating your buddy’s digestive tract and leading to obesity. So fresh ripe pears are the best for the dogs. Further, it is always good to consult your vet before introducing a new food to your beloved friend. Give your dear friend healthy snacks that are safe for the dogs.

How many pears can my dogs eat?

pears dog eat

Generally, vets recommend that give 10% calories in the dog’s diet. Moreover, chopped pears have 15 sugar and 85 calories, so it is not a good diet for those dogs who suffer from diabetes. If your canine loves pears, mix them with the low calories diet such as cucumber and celery.

How to safely feed the pears to the dog?

Prepare the pear and safely feed them to your buddy. So, first of all, to prevent your fur baby from choking hazards, remove the skin and seeds of the pear. To prevent your buddy from an upset stomach, remove the upper skin, stem, and leaves and cut the pears into small sizes because the large pears can get stuck in your buddy’s throat. After the feeding, if you notice any signs, then immediately call your vet. But if you want to feed as fun, here is a vet-approved method. Here know that can dogs eat peaches?

Blend pears fruit smoothies:

pear smoothies

You can blend up the pears pieces with some dogs safe fruits like blueberries, bananas, peaches, and apples. So you can serve them as a treat, and do not give more than two tablespoons to your 10 pounds dog.

Use pears as food topper:

Add a few pieces of chopped or mashed pears to the dog’s daily diet. It is a safe and healthy snack for your beloved friend. As well as dog food know about the best cooling dog mat.


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