Petarenapro’s South Coast Rail story on what you should know about the fast-approaching train prompted reader reaction on both the progress and on our question as to whether you would ride it. Here’s a sampling of what you had to say on our website, Facebook and by email.

“Isn't half of the population working from home now (since the pandemic) and do not want to travel back to the office even if it's only a half hour drive? Being facetious, but I do go to the station in Lakeville/Middleboro quite a bit to bring my daughter to catch the train up to Boston for school and it is rare to see more than a handful of cars in that massive parking lot. The majority of the parking lot does not seem to be used ever. I'm sure there are times when it is busier, and I am just not seeing it. But almost every time I'm there, it’s 20 or 30 cars in the lot area closest to the boarding platform. As a matter of fact, there are so few, that the cars picking up people can pretty much drive up to the platform area and park along the lane there in a short line waiting for them to deboard. Usually about eight or so cars. On special days when there are things like parades in Boston it gets busier. Maybe I am missing the busiest times. It just seems there is way, way less than the amount of people it was planned for. At least at that one.”

— Robert Poulin

“I will ride it, probably to get the experience. I'm afraid of the change it may bring. Crime rate I think will increase and I think it will be good for economic growth, but the less fortunate will suffer more.”

— Everett De Costa

“This is a great project for economic advancement for the South Coast. And its win-win as more folks will travel to Boston for sports or concert or theater entertainment that would not have happened without rail. I know I plan on riding the train to Boston as I live in Westport and refuse to confront the chaos of automobile driving to Boston.”

— Martin Costa

“Great for commuters, and for NewBedford day trippers. Fun for the family to take a train from home. Lots to do and see in Boston other than work.”

— Allan Duarte

“I don't understand why they are building a pedestrian walkway 50 feet from the pedestrian walkway that's already there? Why aren't they making a pedestrian walkway from the Church Street Station over to the Fieldstone Marketplace? It's full of empty stores. Why not give it a chance to come back. Open some eateries, specialty stores, use all that parking area ... None of this makes any sense.”

— Sharon Kean Donovan

“Certainly a lot to unpack here. Changes in working structures (tele-working), self-driving cars and the like puts the timing in question. It’s like it’s taken too long. It's been a long time coming. If anything, this spells trouble for the bus lines. There are certainly a lot of speculative adjustments to rent and property values in line with this that aren't entirely justified. Overall more ways for people to get around and commute Is a good thing. It's a mixed bag overall.”

— Devin Byrnes For Council At-Large

“They should have built a parking garage instead of a bridge to walk over. They can’t handle the parking for the ferry now.”

— Charles Buckley

“Gov. Bill Weld said it. I think on the same day he was at the golf course on Hathaway Road promising to build a casino there.”

— Steven Blackburn

“I probably will try [to take the train] but I am moderately convinced that the changes from the original plan approved by the Army Corps of Engineers have created a situation in which the inconvenience of a two-ride longer system will cause fewer people to use the train. If that happens, then people who live in or around Boston will not move to a better, less congested area on the South Coast and allow the moneyed suburbs (ex., Milton) to maintain their housing prices.”

— Susan Leclair

“Bike canopies and EV charging ports are great but if the state wanted to be impactful the parking lots would have solar canopies and green infrastructure for storm runoff.”

— Mark Lavallee

“It has been a long wait. Love riding the train to South Station. Can’t wait to take it from NB.”

— Linda Demello

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  1. Since I currently work remotely in 3 days a week and visit work sites 2 days a week in Boston. Moving to New Bedford to save on rent and only commute 2 days a week sounds like a great option. I’m currently paying $2,700 a month in Boston where I could pay $1500 a month in New Bedford. It’s a No Brainer for me and I get to move back to where I grew up!!!

  2. I’m just not seeing how this can be sustainable for many of the reasons already noted by others in several NB Light articles. Let’s begin with ridership. Unless there are some valid stats somewhere, ridership is not there. I’m a former daily lakeville/middleboro commuter for years when it first started and it was always packed. The NB/FR line will not.

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