Extreme Dog Fence – Top Hidden Wire

Extreme Dog Fence

Extreme Dog Fence Top Hidden Wire is for those pet owners who want to give yard freedom to their beloved friends and prevent them from running outside the yard. So this Fence is suitable for your canine safety, and most pet owners prefer this Shock Collar Wireless Fence.

Further, Extreme Dog Fence comes in many varieties, and it is the best option to keep the dog secure in the boundary line. However, this Fence allows your fur baby to run around your boundary zone without a leash.

PetSafe In-Ground Fence – Dog Fence Wire

PetSafe In-Ground dog fence

The most remarkable thing about this Extreme Dog Fence is that if you want to give a large area for running or playing, you can increase it by purchasing the extra wire. So, with the wire, this Fence covers the 1/3 acre area of the yard.

You can easily install it yourself on the weekend. Moreover, you can increase the boundary yard up to 10 acres. So, this underground dog fence collar gives five static correction levels. These static correction levels prevent your canine from escaping the outside.

When your fur baby is close to the boundary line, the tone mode Boundary Collars For Dogs alerts your beloved friend to stop in the safety zone. When your pet tries to escape, it receives mild static shocks; these shocks are very gentle and cannot harm your puppy.

If your pet crosses the boundary zone, the extreme collar allows your pet to pass the boundary without any static correction. Further, this PetSafe dog collar is waterproof and rechargeable. So your furry friend can enjoy the swimming and rain. Your canine weight must be 5 lbs and up and neck size 6 to 28 inches for this specific dog fence.

Another interesting thing about this dog fence is that you can safely train unlimited pets by purchasing the extra collar. Moreover, you can teach your pet both indoors and outdoors. But remember that keep your canine away from the furniture and the flower beds.

You can train your beloved friend within two weeks. So, with a little training, your fur baby learns to live in the safety zone. This fence keeps your canine safe, happy, and healthy.


  • Waterproof and rechargeable collar.
  • You can easily train your dog.
  • Correction-free reentry.
  • Unlimited pet.
  • Endless boundary.


  • Not suitable for those pets whose weight is less than 5 lbs.

Electric Fence 2 Dogs – Hidden Dog Fence 

Electric Dog Fence 2 Dogs

The most incredible thing about this Electric Dog Fence is that you give the 50 training flags with this fence kit, so these training flags are the visual aids for your pet. Further, these training flags train your canine to stop in the boundary area that the owner creates for pet safety.

Moreover, an electric dog collar gives seven static correction levels; you can set these correction levels according to your canine. In these levels, training and the beep levels are included. So, these static correction levels are mild; it doesn’t hurt your puppy.

Also, when your beloved tries to escape the specific boundary zone, it alerts you your canine doesn’t cross the boundary line. However, when the fur baby is close to the boundary zone, it receives mild shocks. Your puppy’s neck size must be 6 to 28 inches for this specific Electric Collar.

Before purchasing the collar, check your canine neck size so that the wireless collar works properly. Further, the transmitter emits signals in all directions. So, this kit covers 1/3 area of the boundary area. Keep your canine safe and secure through the Extreme Dog Fence Top Hidden Wire.

Before installing the fence, remember these things so that your furry friends can fully enjoy the freedom in the yard. First, put the transmitter in a high position and keep it away from the metals like big vehicles and refrigerators. Moreover, this dog collar is lightweight, so your beloved friend can easily carry it.

If you want peace of mind, installing this fence system for your canine safety is necessary. Further, this dog collar stops your fur baby from digging under the fence. As well as dog food know about Organic Dog Food.


  • Lightweight receiver collar.
  • 50 training flags.
  • Two dog collars.
  • It covers the 1/3 acre area.


  • It is not suitable for those dogs whose weight is less than 6 inches.

Underground Electric Dog Fence – Top Dog Fences

Underground Electric Dog Fence

The most exciting thing about his dog collar is that it provides 100 to 500 flags, depending on your coverage area. Further, these training flags are visual aids for your beloved friend; you can train your canine with these training flags to stop in the boundary zone.

In this training kit, dog straps are included, and you get the 500 to 2500-foot wire, so dig the ground and put the wire in it. Moreover, you can install the wire in circular shapes. Two Dog Collars are included in this kit, and each collar has a 6V voltage battery.

However, this dog training collar is waterproof so that your beloved friend can enjoy swimming and the rainy weather. You can also easily install this fence at home. It doesn’t take much time. Moreover, the dog receiver collar is lightweight; your fur baby can easily carry it.

Further, you can use this collar for four months after the battery use during the training period. You receive rubber prongs; these collar prongs help keep the dog’s skin safe from any infection and soreness.

With this Extreme Dog Fence system, you can cover the 6-acre area of the yard. So, if you want to increase the yard, then purchase the extra wire; with this extra wire, you can cover the area up to 10 yards.

In this dog kit, each collar gives seven static correction levels, so choose the levels according to your needs. Moreover, you can create a boundary for your beloved friend’s safety exactly wherever you want. There are several advantages to installing this fence.


  • Waterproof collar.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cover up to the 10 yards.
  • 100 to 500 training flags.


  • There is no issue.

Buying Guide


Before purchasing any wireless Fence, make sure that it is waterproof because, with the waterproof receiver collar, your fur baby can enjoy the rainy weather, water fighting, and swimming.

Coverage area:

Electric fence buying guide

The coverage area depends upon the fence and your needs. Further, if you want to cover the large yard, then buy those fences that cover the huge yard. Mostly fences cover the 1/3 acre areas of the yard. And it takes less time than traditional wires that look like old fence systems.

Size and weight:

Before selecting, the Fenceless Dog Collar reminds your pooch’s neck size and weight. Additionally, if you select the receiver collar according to your pooch’s size and weight, your dog can easily carry it. Some of the invisible collars are for small and medium dogs.


Extreme Fence conclusion

Extreme Dog Fence Top Hidden Wire is the safe and easiest way to keep the pet secure at home. Pet owners can easily install it on the weekend and save their puppy. Wire Fence looks like a traditional wire, and they take a lot of time. These cheap wired fences cannot secure your dog at home. So, if you decide to install the Extreme Dog Fence collar, it is a good decision for pet safety.

An extreme dog fence allows your canine to sit outside while walking alone in the yard without the pulling leash. This wireless fence is impressive, and you can create a safe place for your fur baby anywhere. Further, this invisible collar provides different options you can choose according to your pup’s needs.

Frequently Asked Question

How does Extreme Dog Fences work?

First of all layout the single loop around your property then connects the twisted wire to the main control box. Now your dog is safe in the ground.

Can dogs run through the Invisible Fence?

In this case, if your pooch every time try to escape the yard then it receives electric shocks that are not good for them for a long time.

Is an extreme dog fence cruel for dogs?

This dog fence prevents your puppy from leaving the yard. But it doesn’t stop the hazard entering the yard such as wild animals and dogs.


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