Fenceless Dog Collar – In-Ground Fence (2023)

If you install the traditional fence, it may keep your dog safe in the yard, but it looks ugly. Luckily there is another option to save the pup is Fenceless Dog Collar In-Ground Fence.

Fenceless Collar

So fenceless collar interacts with the unique collar and the fencing system to keep your furry friend in the safe zone. Further, the dog collar starts to vibrate when your canine is close to the boundary and gives the electric shocks when they cross the boundary area.

Moreover, Fenceless Dog Collar In-Ground Fence maintains a clear view of the backyard. If you choose Pet Fence Wireless, then learn about the unique features of the different dog collar systems.

Types of Fenceless Dog Collar


There are two types of dog collar Pet Containment Systems Wireless Dog Collar and the underground fence system. So if you have a square-shaped yard, then the Wireless Pet Fence is the best choice.

Further, a Wireless Dog Fence comes in a different size because some fences cover the small area and other cover the large yard. And you can also use the multiple dog collar to keep the pet safe.


So before installing the underground dog fence, use a buried wire to create the barriers around the yard. Further, you can make the fence in any shape, like odd shape property.

And does not put the transmitter in a central location, so you can install it in the garage or other location without worrying about the coverage area. Further, underground fences are offered sizes for large and small properties; the system doesn’t work if the loop breaks.

1. Dogtra 1900S E Collar – Wireless Dog Fences

Dogtra Collar

The most astonishing thing about this dog collar is that the Dogtra E collar is the bundle with the collapsible Pet Travel Bowl. Not toxic safe for your pet, and it is perfect for food and water. So this dog training collar is suitable for those dogs whose weight is less than 35lbs.

Further, this dog training collar keeps your beloved friend safe in the safety zone that the owner set for the dog’s safety. And the pet training collar covers the ¾ miles area of the boundary field.

Moreover, the Invisible Dog Fence collar battery charges within 2 hours and runs in the shortest amount of time possible. And the collar receiver is designed according to the safety of your furry friend.

Further, the collar receiver is ergonomically slim, and check a grip on the handheld transmitter. And the training collar gives the 0 to 127 precise stimulation levels.

So these static correction levels stop your furry friend when they close to the boundary area it receives the shocks; these shocks are very mild it does not hurt your canine skin.

Although when your furry friend approaches the boundary, the training collar starts to vibrate. And the training collar is the waterproof that comes with this kit. So your beloved friend enjoys the raindrops to their owner.

Even enjoy the water fight with kids and owner or lay down on the sprinkle wet grass. Further, you get the receiver contact points that protect the dog’s skin from allergies, inflammation and burning.

Don’t wear the collar for more than 2 hours in the first few days and then gradually increase the 6 hours per day after a few weeks. And don’t wear the collar overnight.


  • Its covers the ¾ miles area.
  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • 0 to 127 stimulation levels.
  • The receiver collar charged within 2 hours.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • Don’t wear the collar overnight.
  • Not suitable for those dogs whose weight is less than 35lbs.

2. IQVENTURE Dog Training Collar – Pet Fences

Iqventure dog collar

The most astonishing thing about the dog collar is that it gives the three training modes vibration, beep, and static correction levels. So 1 to 16 are the static shock levels, and the dog collar provides the 1 to 8 vibration levels.

Further, these training modes help to train your beloved friend. When your pup approaches the boundary area you set up for pet safety, the receiver collar starts to beep and vibrate.

And then your canine try to escape from the boundary area; the collar receiver gives mild shocks to your furry friend. These static correction levels are very mild; it does not hurt your pup.

Moreover, you can control the dog bark through the remote and customize the setting according to your canine temperament and obedience. And you can control the dog’s activities through the remote.

Also, you can control your furry friend from the 1000 feet long range with the remote and keep track of your canine all the time. However, you can use the dog collar for indoor and outdoor use.

Further, you have lots of fun with your beloved friend, whether in your yard at the park or in the broad field. And the dog collar is designed in an ergonomic style, so you can easily use the remote.

Moreover, help the dog to learn the command effectively. And the dog shock collar is for small dogs, and also dog receiver collar is waterproof and rechargeable.

So you can enjoy your pup while at the beach, pool, and seaside. The receiver collar and the remote are both charged at the same time. And charge the collar and the receiver within 2 to 3 hours. Significantly for this collar, dog neck size must be 6 to 28 inches.


  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • Charge the receiver and the collar within 2 to 3 hours.
  • It covers the 1000 feet range.
  • Rechargeable collar battery.
  • Three training modes.


  • Not suitable for those pets whose neck size is less than 6 inches.

3. Paipaitek No Shock Dog Training Collar – In Ground Fence 

paipaitek shock collar

The most exciting thing about this training collar is unique: the dog training remote you get with this kit. And the dog remote transmitter size is smaller like the cellphone so the advantage of this dog remote is that you can quickly put the remote in your pocket.

Further, the remote large display screen and the separate command button utilize for quick operation on the transmitter. So the dog training collar keeps your pet safe and gives the safe basic training modes.

Moreover, this dog training collar does not give a shock to your furry friend when they cross the boundary area, so the dog collar reminds your pet to stop in the safe boundary zone that the owner set for the beloved friend.

So remind your canine off the No Shock Dog Training Collar, use the beep, and the vibration levels are harmless. And this dog collar is suitable for deaf puppies, small and medium dogs.

Further, for this specific dog collar, your pup weight must be 4 to 66 lbs, and your pet neck size is 8 to 27 inches. You can adjust the length of the collar according to your beloved friend’s neck size.

And this dog collar is made of a soft and comfortable nylon material that helps to protect the dog’s sensitive skin. Further, you can control your dog with the remote up to 1640ft.   

You can efficiently train your dog in the park, backyard, and beachside, etc. And IPX7’s waterproof dog collar allows your beloved friend to play in the rain and enjoy swimming in the water.

With this training collar, you can teach your basic pup commands, and the dog training collar stops the bad behavior of your canine like jumping, chewing, barking, and biting.


  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • Two training modes.
  • No shock level.
  • Lightweight dog collar.
  • Rechargeable receiver collar.


  • Not suitable for large dogs.

4. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer – Dog Boundary Collar

sportdog training collar

The most astonishing thing about the SportDOG collar is that you can control the three dogs simultaneously with one handheld remote by purchasing the additional collar ( SDR – AFX).

Further, if you have more than one dog at home and you want to train all of them at the same time, then this SportDOG collar is the best solution to keep your beloved friend in the safe boundary zone.

And you can control your pet up to the ½ mile range. Moreover, you can easily set up this fence and train your canine in the field, and you can easily read the remote screen while training your pup.

Also, the dog training collar gives the three stimulation levels static, vibration, and tone level. These static correction levels stop your pup in the boundary area you set up for your pet’s safety.

When your canine approaches the boundary lines, the collar receiver starts to beep and vibrate then these levels remind your puppy to stay in the boundary area.

And this dog training collar gives ten static correction levels. So the SportDOG training collar also allows your canine to enjoy swimming and the rain. Further, the dog training collar is submersible up to 25 feet.

Moreover, the SportDOG training collar fully charges the collar within 2 hours. After charging the collar, it works for 50 to 70 hours. When the collar battery is low, it starts to beep, indicating a low receiver collar battery.

Further, you get the test light tool with this kit, while with the test tool, you can test the receiver collar works appropriately. When you put the receiver collar on your beloved friend, check that collar prongs don’t rub your dog’s skin.

And for this specific dog collar, your canine weight must be 8lbs or up so that your pup can easily carry the dog collar, and the dog neck size must be 5 to 22 inches.


  • Rechargeable dog receiver collar.
  • Ten static correction levels.
  • One test light tool.
  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • Submersible to 25ft.


  • Not suitable for those dogs whose weight is less than 8lbs.

Buying Guide.

Multiple pets.

So many Fenceless Dog Collar In-Ground Fences allow you to train the many pets or two pets simultaneously with the one dog remote, while other wireless dog fences will enable you to teach only the one pet with the one at a time. Further, it depends upon your need you select the dog collar according to your requirement.

Buying guide of fenceless collar


Batteries of some dog collars need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months, and some replacement batteries are pretty cheap. However, that could end up from $50 to $90 a year over the year, so it is undoubtedly something to consider when budgeting.

The shape of your garden.

If your garden is a shape with a corner and a big braid, then the Radius Shock collar is not suitable for your beloved friend. It is ideal for the plane uniform garden without obstacles like corners, big trees, and buildings.

Size of your dog

Also, it depends upon the collar which dog collar you use for your canine. Always look at the product which you purchase for your furry friend. Some of the Fenceless Dog Collar In-Ground Fence suit large dogs, and others are suited for small dogs. Further, wait at least six months to introduce your pet to the new Invisible fence.

What is the Invisible Fence, and how does it work?

Invisible Dog Fence is an underground dog containment system. An underground Dog Fence installs around the yard, and it emits the signals that your pet receiver collar picks up. Further, the collar starts to beep whenever your canine comes to close the boundary area. So it covers the circular area up to a certain distance.


Dog collar conclusion

So the Wireless Invisible Fence is safe and efficient for your beloved friend’s safety. And also, keep your pup safe in the boundary area that you set up for pet safety. The Fenceless dog collar In-Ground Fence emits signals to cover the area.

Moreover, the pet collar introduces your canine with static correction levels. These static correction levels keep your pup secure in the boundary area you set up for pet security.

However, you can easily set up the fence, and it is a portable device for puppy security. So the Boundary Collars For Dogs Invisible Fence is also rechargeable and saves on batteries.

If you have many dogs and you want all of them to train at the same time with the one remote, then the fenceless dog collar allows you to train your pet at the same time.

Within a couple of weeks, you can train your pet and teach him all obedience commands. With this Fenceless Dog Collar In-Ground Fence, you can control the mulish behavior of your pet, like chewing, jumping, running, and barking.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I sync my PetSafe receiver collar?

First of all, turn off the receiver collar with your pet receiver collar. Then restart, press, and hold the power button until the green light on the collar receiver starts to blink every second. And this process continues for 16 seconds.

Why is my Fenceless Dog Collar blinking red?

So charging too often can reduce the collar battery life. Then charge your dog receiver collar when the indicator light blinks red, and the system sends the signals through the buried wire. Your pet wears the receiver collar that picks up the signals.

How do I know if my Fenceless Dog Collar is working?

Check that if the receiver collar contact points are working correctly. So the test light tool will light up if the static correction is activated. The test light tool comes in most kits, including the fence receiver collar and remote trainer.


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