Generation Z makes up society’s next set of leaders, innovators, teachers, politicians, journalists, and more. So how do the people who will inherit the world view its current state? If you’ve ever wondered what Gen Z thinks about the environment, artificial intelligence, social media, the process of becoming an adult, and how to achieve kindness, this is your spot. The 10 summer interns of 2023 present a series of five in-depth videos on young people’s thoughts, frustrations, reflections, determination, and hope.

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How AI will affect the future

neue-haas-grotesk-light">Video by Trey Andrews and Antonio Beltran

YouTube video

Becoming an adult

neue-haas-grotesk-light">Does Gen Z feel adequately prepared for adulthood? Parents, teachers and college all help guide the leaders of tomorrow, but a lot is learned from experiences like that first job or that first paycheck. neue-haas-grotesk-light">Video by Kiva Bank and Gerard Villemenay

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Consuming the world

neue-haas-grotesk-light">From TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to books and traditional newspapers, young people have no shortage of media. How are they using it? And how often? Where do they get their news? Gen Z shares their screen time. neue-haas-grotesk-light">Video by Avary Amaral and Rachel Wachman

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The Earth we inhabit

neue-haas-grotesk-light">Enjoying a summer day isn’t something taken for granted anymore. The world’s unhealthy relationship with Mother Earth has entered dangerous territory, and it’s affecting Gen Z in unique ways. There is hope among young people that it’s not too late. neue-haas-grotesk-light">Video by Diogo Fernandes Tavares and Anna Brenner

YouTube video

Finding kindness

neue-haas-grotesk-light">Race, gender, religion and sexuality are hot topics that dominate the current landscape. Hatred seems to have overtaken acceptance. Gen Z reflects on growing up, personal experiences, and an overall hope that kindness will someday return. neue-haas-grotesk-light">Video by Roxanne Hepburn and Lilly Lafleur

Meet the New Bedford Light summer 2023 interns

Here's what the creative talents behind Gen Z on Gen Z had to say about themselves and their project.

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