GPS Dog Fences – Shock Collar (2023)

The safety of the dogs is one of the common issues of all pet owners as you know that nowadays the world is changing so fast and it makes our life much easier. So you can get the Wireless Dog Fence with the GPS. And the GPS Dog Fences Shock Collar is beneficial for dog training.

GPS Smart collar

Further, with the Gps Dog Fence, you can set the specific boundary area for your canine. However, it is a good idea for pet safety. So you can track your dog where they are all the time.

So you will be able to track your dog before the situation gets worse. Moreover, the GPS Dog Fences Shock Collar follows your furry friend if they escape from the boundary area. As a responsible pet owner, it is important to know Why Do Dogs Eat Dirt? Can it be harmful to your dog?

1. GPS Wireless Dog Fence – Smart Dog Fence

The most exciting thing about the GPS Wireless Dog Fence there is no need for any boxes or boundary wires to set up this fence around the boundary area.

Further, the GPS Dog Fences Smart Shock Collar gives you more accurate and stable signals as compared to the radio fence. So this Wireless GPS covers the 6564ft area. In contrast, the other fence is easily disturbed by any obstacles or metal.

So the GPS gives you more stable and accurate signals than the radio frequency signals, and it protects your beloved friend from problems and sudden accidental injuries.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about your furry friend. And this fence uses the standard GPS to detect the live location of your canine. Remember that you need the radius and the shock levels the first time after the st up; it gives the original points.

And you can take the Pet Perimeter Fence where ever you go. Further, you get the rechargeable wireless battery collar with this product, and after charging the Wireless GPS Shock Collar fully recharged, you can use it for 15 days.

Further, the GPS collar is waterproof; it allows your pet to play in the rain and on the wet grass. And it gives the three stimulation levels for the protection of the pup.

These correction levels are in the form of vibration, beep, and shocks. If your dog leaves the boundary area, only the mode continuously warns your dog. And for this specific collar, the dog neck size must be 6 to 28 inches.


  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • Adjustable collar belt.
  • Test light tool.
  • Rechargeable GPS collar.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Not suitable for those whose neck size is less than 6 inches.

2. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker – Gps Pet Fence

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

The most exciting thing about the collar is that you can record the voice command and store it on the tracker to communicate with your furry friend remotely. Further, the GPS Petfon Tracker is free of any services fee and monthly.

And this durable receiver collar device is waterproof that allows your pet to play in the rain. So the GPS collar tracks your pup’s location in real-time. With this new Rada searching feature, you can detect the lost dog location.

Further, it is easy to install and use this GPS tracker, download the Petfon app and follow the instructions. So with this app, you can see your pet’s activities and pinpoint his location at any time.

And you can track your dog from up to 0.65 miles, and in the open area, you can track it up to 3.5 miles. So you can set the safe boundary area for your beloved friend; if your pet leaves the boundary area, then you get the notification.

Moreover, you can activate the colorful light on the GPS Tracker to detect your canine in dim light or at night. For this GPS Tracker, the dog weight must be 27.6g. Remember that the rainproof feature works in wet but does not for swimming.

And the signals may be stable during the massive obstacles between the controller and the tracker. If you want to track your pet when you are inside the house with the pet running outside, then the performance could low not be guaranteed.


  • No subscription fee.
  • Sound record.
  • Water resistance.
  • Activity record.
  • Real-time tracking.


  • Very limited range.

3. WIEZ GPS Wireless Dog Fence – Virtual Dog Fence

The most astonishing thing about the GPS Dog Fences Shock Collar is that you can carry it anywhere, so you can take your friend wherever you go, and you can use it in the most open outdoor environment.

So this Wize collar receiver is used in the GPS location technique. And the signals are more stable and accurate than the traditional radio frequency wire.

Further, 12 high-quality satellites support the work, which works much better than the other similar products. This GPS Wireless Dog Collar Fence can cover up to the 3281 feet radius and up to a max of 776 acres allowing you to use it outdoor.

It controls the adjustable distance of 98 to 3281ft. Further, it gives the three adjustable shocks and the intensity levels.

If your furry friend escapes the boundary area that you set up for your pet, then it warns your dogs through the stimulation levels, and it will repeat after the three times automatically.

So you can set up and use this GPS fence easily and set up the fence in just a few seconds. There is no need for the transmitter to set up this fence. And this product gives you a two-year warranty.

If you are satisfied with this product, you can return it in just 30 days with the money-back guarantee. Remember that before using the product, train your pet to recognize the meaning of the beep and the shocks.

Remember that read the manual carefully before using the product. Don’t use the collar for more than 4 hours for the first time. And don’t put on the Boundary Collars For Dogs Invisible Fence more than 10 hours a day during regular use.


  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It covers up to the 3281ft area.
  • Three static correction levels.


  • Not suitable for small dogs whose weight is less than 7lbs.
  • Not suitable for the small yard.
  • Please don’t use it underwater.

4. GPS, Electric Dog Wireless Fence – Gps Shock Collar

GPS, Electric Dog

The most astonishing thing about this collar is that the signals of the collar are not disturbed by any obstacles or metal objects. In contrast, other traditional wireless fences are easily disturbed.

Further, the GPS fence gives more accurate signals as compared to radiofrequency signals. So to set up this wireless fence boundary, there is no need to bury the wire, transmitter, or boxes.

You can easily set up this GPS Dog Fences Shock Collar; the signal range of the fence is up to 3200ft. Moreover, the GPS fence avoids similar problems, so you don’t need to worry about sudden dog injuries.

And this electric collar uses the standard GPS to track your canine accurately and location. Remember that first time, set up the shocks intensity levels and radius. Further, you get a waterproof and rechargeable battery that can work for 15 days after the fully charged.

So the waterproof battery allows your pet to play in the wet weather on the damp grass, and your canine can enjoy the water fight with the children.

And it gives the three stimulation levels beep, shock, and vibration. These correction levels train your canine to stay in the safe boundary zone you set up for pet safety.

These correction levels automatically shut off when your canine is out of the safe zone; only the beep levels continuously warn your beloved friend to stay in the boundary area.

Remember that the strength of the GPS Fence for dogs depends upon the environment. And train your dog before using the product; otherwise, your furry friend runs away. Read the manual carefully before using the product.


  • Waterproof collar receiver.
  • Rechargeable collar.
  • Adjustable collar belt.
  • Test light tool.


  • No issue find.

5. Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking Collar – Invisible Fence Gps 

Dogtra Pathfinder

The most incredible thing about the GPS Shock Collar works without using cellular data but requires a small phone that does not include. So must connect the smartphone with the pathfinder app offline map mode.

Further, the GPS dog collar is perfect for those dogs whose weight is over 35 pounds, and the neck size for this specific dog collar must be 10 to 26 inches. So you can expand the dog collar for more than 21 dogs with the additional collar.

Moreover, the GPS dog tracking collar covers the 9 miles area. And this training collar is fully waterproof, and the remote E collar gives you 100 stimulation levels to your furry friend.

So these stimulation levels are in the form of audible tones. Dogtra pathfinder helps you train your dog and modify your dog’s behavior. Remember that do not use the GPS Pet Fence collar on aggressive dogs.

Moreover, you get the stimulation contact covers with this product; these covers help protect your furry friend’s skin from any irritation or allergy. And the test light tool that is used to check the collar work or not.

So the receiver collar is rechargeable, and the collar battery that charged in just 3.5 hours. And the GPS tracks your dog’s real-time activity, so you don’t worry about your canine.

You can track your beloved friend before the situation gets worse. Remember that before using the product, read the manual carefully and don’t use the GPS collar for a long time. And note that you need to install the dogtra app to track and train your beloved friend.


  • Waterproof GPS dog collar.
  • Three training modes.
  • Tracking mode.
  • Rechargeable collar battery.


  • Not suitable for those whose weight is less than 35 pounds.

6. GPS Fence Containment System – Wireless Dog Collars 

GPS Containment System

The incredible thing about the product is that the signal stability is better than the other traditional wireless fence. And you do not need to worry about your dog’s safety.

So it protects your canine efficiently, and the GPSfence is not interference with any obstacle that impacts its stability. And this GPS fence covers a large area of the yard.

It covers the 2625ft area of the yard that is enough to save your beloved friend in the safe zone. Further, setting up this fence does not require the transmitter, boxes, or any wire.

And you can easily set up this Fenceless Dog Collar around your boundary area within a few minutes and make your life simple and more accessible. So the collar gives the five stable shocks to your canine.

So these stimulation levels automatically turn off every 20seconds. If your furry friend comes back in the boundary area, then its stimulation levels shut down automatically.

And the collar is safe for those dogs whose weight is 5lbs, and the neck size is 6 to 25 inches. Further, the GPS collar is waterproof, so your pet can enjoy the rainy weather.

So these Stimulation levels stop your canine in the safe boundary area that you set up for your pet safety. These shocks levels are mild; they don’t hurt your puppy.

Moreover, with this product, you get 50 training flags; these are the visual aids for your dog that train your pet to stay in the safe zone. And this GPS Pet Fence collar is suitable for the ope yard, not the tiny country yard or buildings.


  • Cover the 2625ft area.
  • 50 training flags.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Test light tool.
  • Three training modes.


  • Not suitable for the small yard.

GPS Dog Fences Buying Guide.

Boundary area.

So remember that most products allow you to set up the boundary area in the radius or circular shape. In contrast, in another setting, the designed shape area. But the GPS Dog Containment System allows you to set up the boundary area according to your desires. Make sure that set up the massive boundary area for pet safety.

Gps Dog Fence buying guide


Different products support the other dogs. Further, some products come with an unlimited amount of collars, and in contrast, some allow just 1 and 2 dogs. And check that collar fit around your furry friend’s neck. Remember that always check the collar size and the weight before buying and make sure that it is suitable for your pet.

Alerts and the correction levels.

So it depends upon the collar to use the tone vibration and the shocks levels. Further, these levels alert your canine when they approach their boundary area. When your beloved friend comes close to the boundary area, it alerts your pet.


Buying the GPS Dog Fences Shock Collar is an excellent choice for your pet that makes your life easier. So it is a portable device you can easily set up this GPS fence around your boundary for pet safety.

Moreover, it covers a large boundary area, and you do not need to worry about the transmitter, boxes, and wire setup because there is no need for these things.

GPS Conclusion

And the GPS tracking collar tracks your real-time location and tells you about your canine activities, so you can follow your dogs if they escape the boundary area you set up for your pet safety before the situation worsens.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How does the GPS Wireless Dog Fence work?

Your canine wears the collar programmed to detect the GPS Pet Fences. And the GPS fence uses satellites to map the specific boundary area for the pet instead of the buried wire or radio signals.

2. Does the Invisible fence have the GPS?

So invisible fence GPS satellite technology is the most advanced pet fence in the market. You can customize the boundary size and the shape according to your desire.

3. What is geofencing for dogs?

So a geofence is an area on the map, and you can set the safe zone around the boundary and alert your canine to enter and exit the boundary area. Further, you know about your dog where your dog is through the screen.

4. Is it cruel not to walk your dog?

So exercise is essential for dogs, and it helps to keep them healthy and happy. And it is vital for the dog’s mental health. So if you don’t go for a walk with your canine, it causes obesity in dogs.

5. How do I keep my dog in the yard?

First of all, set up the boundary around your dog for dog safety. Then train your dog to stay in the boundary area with the training flags and the stimulations modes.


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