GPS Wireless Dog Fence – Satellite Pet Collar Reviews ( 2023)

Did you know you can get the Wireless Dog Fence System with GPS? You know that nowadays technology is growing so fast and it makes our life easier. However, this GPS Wireless Dog Fence system is beneficial for pet parents and canines. So you can create a distinct circular boundary around your yard like that other Wireless Fence System.

GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Moreover, the GPS Wireless Dog Fence System has a more valuable and reliable system. Such as Hidden Dog Fence has maintained a fixed boundary area for your dog and secured your dog in this boundary area.

So the security and safety of your dog is a central and vital issue. Most people use chains, bells, and some other things in their dog neck, so you don’t use these types of things. But with this GPS, you can track your dog, and you know about the activities of your canine. Further, you can track and find your doggy before getting any unpleasant moments.

Another benefit of the GPS Wireless Fence is that you don’t need to dig the ground and bury a wire, and the GPS Wireless Fence uses the satellite to map the specific boundary. And if your pet moves too far from the receiver range, then Pet Perimeter Fence alerts you.

Here we have discussed some beneficial GPS Wireless Dog Fences. These alerts are in any shape, like buzz, sound, and shocks like another in-ground fence. So these alerts are sent to the pet owner like a smartphone or other receiver that provides you.

1. Dogtra Pathfinder 9-Mile 21-Dog Expandable – GPS Dog Collar Fence

Dogtra Pathfinder Fence

Particularly Dogtra Pathfinder gives you GPS Pet Fence and E-collar technology to train and track your dog. So this pathfinder can work without cellular data, and its range is 9 miles. To prepare and track your canine, you can download the free offline maps mod variety of the free offline map mod.

And you can download these free offline maps via the pathfinder app. So when you are in the field, the 2-second fast update and the zoom capability of these pathfinder features provide accurate data about your canine and the live details. So you can easily track your dog without the internet due to offline maps.

Furthermore, with this pathfinder, one Training remote is provided that functions are if you connect the GPS, press the blue button placed on the remote, and then the green lights on. If you want to turn off the GPS connector, press the blue button until the red light shows.

Moreover, the black button on the remote connects the GPS with the smartphone or other GPS Invisible Fence Collar receiver. So if you join the smartphone, hold on and press the connect button until the light blinks rapidly.

In the same way, we track and train your dog, the pathfinder gives an electric stimulation, which sends to the receiver to track your dog during the hunt. Although, these static shocks provide a 100 levels and audible tone to prepare and follow your dog before any situation worsens.

As well as the weight of your canine for this GPS Collar must be 35lbs. So one of the valuable things about pathfinder is enhancing the dog limit to up to 21 dogs with high quality and ability. And you can train an unlimited number of dogs at the same time while out hunting. In this situation, when you use the Underground dog Fence Pet Buried Wire collar, check the dog’s neck daily and see any irritation or soreness on the neck of your best friend canine.

Moreover, the Dogtra Fence System transmitter has waterproof, and it works in all types of environments like hills and other areas.Even we train our pets during the rain, its works properly.


  • Easy setup
  • Fully waterproof system
  • Dog weight 35 pounds or up
  • Lithium polymer batteries
  • For all types of environment
  • One year warranty
  • High output.
  • Expandable to 21 dogs.
  • 100 corrections level.


  • Not Download the maps without the Pathfinder app.
  • The barking sensor does not work.
  • Sometimes the app is not working well; suddenly, it usually works.

2. Angela Kerry Wireless Dog Fence – GPS Dog Fence Reviews

Especially the incredible thing about this product is there is no transmitter and remote with this collar; all the functions insert into the GPS Collar. The GPS Wireless Fence provides you with a stable and accurate signal, but the other wireless fence does not provide a stable signal. We tested wireless and GPS Fences on our pet, so we concluded that GPS Wireless Fences send a more accurate signal to the receiver collar than the other.

And this Angela Kerry Wireless GPS Dog Fence Collar uses a GPS location technique for your dog that is more accurate and stable than others and uses a radiofrequency technique to radio play area up to 800 meters. When your dog is near the boundary line, the transmitter gives a shock to your dog.

In this situation, if you are worried about the dogs being injured, then use the GPS wireless fence. Additionally, you can use it where the GPS signals are present, like a park, riverside beachside, and a courtyard. So on the other hand, the radio signals and the metal objects interfere with the signal’s frequency.

Most importantly, you need to identify the central point of the play area for your dogs, and you can install this Fence System in the centre of the play area. The collar coverage area is 0.3 to 496 acres so you can secure your dog in this play area. Even more, the collar that you take to this system has waterproof. This waterproof ability may help you at different times, like the rainy season and some other situations.

Use this product for an outdoor this GPS Dog Collar doesn’t work correctly as indoors where the GPS signals are weak. It gives static shocks to your doggy when they cross the boundary limit; these shocks repeat every 20 seconds and work automatically.

As well as, if your doggy weighs from 15 pounds to 120 pounds, your pet easily wears this collar; otherwise, this collar is not suitable for your best friend. It does not warn your canine if they are indoors where the GPS signals are weak. If you are not pleased with this product, you can return it within 90 days. So we use this product and ensure that you are delighted with this.

Remember that forever don’t use this collar on rainy days, near the tall building, and inside the house when the GPS signals are weak. Similarly, you can train your dogs in just three weeks.

Particularly don’t use this GPS Dog Fences – Shock Collar system on aggressive dogs and use this Fence maximum of 12 hours a day. This system gives you five levels of static correction that may help you train and control your dog easily in your garden.


  • Easy setup
  • Test light tool
  • USB Charging cable
  • Four metal contacts points
  • Adjustable 20-meter radius
  • Dog weight between 15 to 120 pounds
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collars
  • One-year warranty
  • The GPS Fence Covers a circular area from 0.3 acres to 496 acres
  • 5 Voltage charger


  • Not use near tall buildings
  • Don’t use this product for aggressive dogs
  • Please don’t use the collar for 12 hours over a day; it may cause soreness and allergy

3. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle – Best GPS Dog Fence

Garmin Alpha dog collar

Specifically, Garmin Alpha is available in GPS Based Dog Collar, and tracking devices, such as the tracking device, are available in the mini machine. As well, you can save your canine from the hazard. So if your dog is steeping outside, don’t wait for your dog to come back home.

Furthermore, this Garmin Alpha Dog System has two features in one device. In this case, one has GPS tracking, and the other has a remote training mode, and you can easily track your dog through GPS.

First of all, set up the virtual boundary on the map and receive the alert; if he was steeping outside, you could recall him coming back. In this situation, from the compass screen, you can detect the dog’s speed a distance of travel, and you can get information about your doggy as well as you can track and train 20 dogs.

In this situation, you can recall your canine with the help of the tones; so these electronic tones are available in any type, like stimulation or progression plus tone, because this product provides you with 18 static shock levels with an audible tone. We use this product and cannot accept this type of result from this collar; it gives the best performance and works efficiently.

There are four different types of devices in this system

GPS and Training mode

Even more, the size of the display of this device is 1.53 wide and 2.55 high, and in this device, static correction levels with audible tone and the beacon light are available. You can continuously use the battery for at least 20 to 40 hours.

GPS and Training device with GPS Dog collar

The range of this device is 9 miles. Further, the suitable neck size for this collar is 9.5 inches for this collar. You can extend the antenna range and charge the clip. We test this collar on small dogs, but it doesn’t give the best result, so it is suitable for those dogs whose neck size is 9.5 inches.

GPS and Training device + TT 15 device

All functions of this device are the same, but the Ac adaptor, vehicle power cable, contact point set, and manual gives with this device. Due to this TT 15 device, you can train or track your dog quickly, so this device works on lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and you control your dog in a long range like a 9-mile area.

GPS and Training device + TT 15 mini device

Further, the GLONASS system works at a high altitude. This device is so lightweight with some outstanding features like your dog feeling comfortable wearing this collar. Such as you can save the collar’s battery life if you allow the sleeping mod to keep the collar battery safe for a long time. Suppose you can increase the signal by increasing the sensitivity and GLONASS receiver, but the battery life of this collar is 16 to 30 hours. As well as you must know about the health condition and dogs food. Know Can dog drink oat milk?


  • Simulation and tone level
  • Large display
  • LED beacon light
  • Rescue mode
  • Multiple collars
  • Power adapter
  • Adapter cable
  • 3.0-inch display colour
  • Treed and on-point notification
  • Up to 20 hours rechargeable battery


  • The device price was very costly
  • Not all collars have rechargeable


4. Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar – Satellite Dog Fence

Garmin Alpha dog collar

Surprisingly, this T5 GPS Invisible Dog Fence Collar is available with an adapter cable. And one LED beacon light gives with this T5 GPS Dog Collar Fence, so the beacon lights startup with the handheld device.

In this case, the LED light is beneficial because that helps your canine at night, and the light is visible up to 100 yards away. So we note that LED lights are beneficial for us during the night training and tracking the dog.

This system gives you two types of devices

  1. T5 GPS Dog Collar
  2. T5 GPS Dog Collar + Adapter cable

If you can track your four-legged friend and save them from any hazard, then the Garmin T5 GPS dog collar is the best way to protect your canine friend. This GPS Pet Fence Dog Collar range is up to 9 miles; the collar allows you up to 9 miles to track your canine.

Moreover, if your canine weight is 9.5 inches, your doggy easily carries this collar; your pup enjoys the other activities by wearing the collar. This Radio Dog Fence collar has a tone and vibration that warn your dog. And stop your canine from stepping outside.

Further, this system gives you a high-sensitivity GPS with a GLONASS satellite receiver so that sometimes the T5 mini collar will lose the signal, and you don’t track your dog quickly. Still, the GLONASS receiver doesn’t lose the signal or track your dog’s location soon in a few minutes, and you secure your dog.

However, battery life is 20 to 40 hours, and you can raise the battery life again when you need to recharge a battery. So we recommend you use this and see the best result. You can extend the antenna range by extending the range option is the best for large running dogs.

Although rescue mode is another excellent collar function. The rescue mod changes the update when the collar’s battery drops. So it extends the battery life. And gives you more time to rescue the escaping dog. 

Generally, the dog collar is available in different colours, so you can easily keep up with the other dogs, and the USB split adapter cable allows you to recharge your devices. So you can connect the USB split adapter to the computer system and then connect the various devices simultaneously.


  • GPS antenna
  • LED beacon light
  • Rechragebale collar strapes
  • Rescue mode
  • 24 cm minimum neck size
  • One year warranty
  • Rechargeable and waterproof to 10-meter depth
  • One lithium-ion battery is required
  • High sensitivity GPS  with GLONASS


  • If you are outside, germin interferes with the radio signals and GPS tracker, which does not work correctly

5.SportDOG Brand TEK Series GPS Tracking Systems – GPS Pet Fence

SportDog Brand Collar

Especially this GPS Shock Collar is available in 2 different styles and sizes. In that case, the handheld device shows the location of your doggy on the display screen, so you can easily read the topographical map. Moreover, if you want to change the tracking screen and the scales on the map, use the navigation wheel.

Generally, you can alert your dog at any time through a geofence boundary. But this SportingDog Tracking System uses the satellite system to track your dog, not the cell service chase your dog up to 10 miles away, and you can track 21 dogs. So if you follow more dogs, add the 2.0 TEK dog collar.

Although you can receive timely updates through Bluetooth, this system gives GPS Tracking + E- collar. Even more, the handheld device shows your dog’s location and shows whether your dog moves on or stops. Generally, the handled device gives you lifetime maps. In this case, all of these maps are free, and you don’t buy any subscription for these maps. We use this collar, so it’s helpful for us because we lost our dog, but with this help, we find them quickly.

The handheld device and the GPS Dog Containment Collar are rechargeable and waterproof, and the GPS Collar is recharged in just 4 hours, while the handheld device is to charge again within 8 hours. Until the dog collar is submersible up to 25 feet, so by wearing this collar, your canine enjoys swimming, and your canine best friend wears this collar during the rainy season.

Particularly the (GPS Tracking + E-Collar) allows the 99 static correction levels with the tone and vibration options.  However, by adding the Tek 1.5, you can train the 12 dogs at a time, covering the 100 to 7.5 miles of the yard.

We note that a handheld device provides you with better tracking reliability. With the tilt integrated compass, you can instantly track your canine. The text-based menu on the screen of the handheld device provides you with easy access to critical information.


  • Charging Adaptor
  • Test light tool
  • Neck size 23 inches
  • Long contact points
  • Standard contact points
  • USB cables
  • Waterproof, rechargeable, and submersible device and collar
  • Two lithium-ion batteries
  • Upgradeable collar


  • Not for less than 8 pounds dog weight
  • The battery lasts less than one day
  • GPS shows a movement until the unit is not moving

6. Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker – GPS Fence Dog Collar

Tractive GPS Dog Collar

The reason behind recommending this collar is that the most fantastic function of this system is your dog carrying this collar everywhere, like mud, lake, and running through the forest; this GPS Collar is very lightweight. You can use this product in another 150 countries.

This GPS tracker is available at two different prices. With this GPS Pet Fence tracker, you can see the live location of your furry friend and check the places where your canine visited. If your dog leaves the area, you get the notification. And the location update after 2 to 3 seconds, so you easily track your dog due to this feature.

You can manage all the features of the GPS tracker through the ios and android. Another feature we like is the most standout feature; this system gives you worldwide location tracking through a tractive GPS app for any browser.

Moreover, if you are worried about your pet escaping outside, don’t worry about these minor issues; the GPS tracker solves all your problems.

Furthermore, the GPS tracker gave you all information about your best friend and told you about the activities of your canine best friend, and gives you peace of mind. So when you want to keep an eye on your pet, go into live mode. And get all the information about your pet every 2 to 3 seconds.

As well as set the safe zone around your yard and note the moment of your pet. When they leave the secure area, track your doggy activities to keep them healthy.

So you can track your pet from any distance, whether you connect the tractive through the T Mobiles or Viaero Wireless USA. Before starting the product choose the subscription; you can choose between the monthly, one-year, two-year, and five-year plans.

In the same way, once you get your tracker to install the free GPS tractive app on your phone, remember to charge your device with the provided charger and then put it or attach it to your pet collar. In this situation, if you have two dogs at a different location, you can track both of them with the same account.


  • Track the location in unlimited range via the Tractive app
  • Long battery life
  • Location updated every 2 to 3 seconds
  • Worldwide Tracking
  • Small and lightweight
  • All-day activity monitoring
  • Waterproof system


  • Where there is a weak AAT signals tracker doesn’t work
  • The battery works for less than 24 hours

Buying Guide

Before selecting any device, consider some important choices. Generally, the GPS Dog Fence is an excellent option to save and track your dogs. In this situation, check for some crucial features.

1: Range

Moreover, the all-GPS Wireless Dog Fence has a different range and coverage areas. Before purchasing the GPS Wireless, you see the area where you install the GPS Wireless Fence. In this case, if you install a GPS Wireless Fence in your yard and cover a large extent, so you buy a long-range Electric Dog Collar Shock Fence.

GPS Dog Fence Buying Guide

Such as GPS Pet Fences provide an extensive circular range to your pet. Most of the GPS Dog Fences available on the market give you an 800-meter circular range. Rather, you want to provide ample space for your dog, and the GPS Fence is an excellent choice.

In that case, you can adjust the range of the device and quickly set up the GPS Fence. Remember that setting the GPS range puts the device on the centre point of the intended coverage area.

2: Correction levels

Check the static correction levels of which models you buy you can adjust the static correction levels. However, these stimulation levels alert and train your dog. And help your canine to learn the boundary which you set up for your pet.

Always choose the beep mode and the static correction levels models because if your doggy ignores the sound beep of the collar, then these static shocks alert your pet. And keep your dog safe from escaping outside.

The GPS Wireless Fences have different modes of correction levels like beep and tone mode etc. While some GPS Wireless Fences have adjustable correction levels, some have not. The adjustable fences may help you in different situations like you can set the intensity of shock to see your dog in adjustable GPS Wireless Fences.

When your dog has weak, you should set a low shock level. While the tone and beep mode may alert you in this situation when your dog crosses the boundary, you can train your dog to recognize the edges of your dog.

3: Signal Stability

Before purchasing, you must check the signal stability, in some cases, the trees, wooden items, and some other things within the boundary, so due to this reason, the signal strength may be low, and you do not fully control your dog. In this situation, you install the GPS Wireless Dog Fence in the clean area to resolve this issue, and you don’t face this signal problem.

4: Battery Life

We know that you want to protect your dog all the time. Before buying any model, check its battery life and consider how many times it will recharge. During this period, you cannot keep an eye on the activities of your beloved canine.

And check that this battery is rechargeable and waterproof. So if the device battery is waterproof, your pet can enjoy every weather.

Similarly, choose the best model for your canine; consider the services you will get after buying the product. And notice that which product you purchase for your pet is working globally. Further, the battery life depends on your usage and dog movement, while some of the batteries take an average of between one month or more if you have used 12 hours in a day, so your battery life is one month or more

5: Weight and Size of your canine

First of all, check the neck size of your canine because the GPS Dog Fence is not available for the small breed. It is a most challenging task to find a GPS Dog Fence for the small species. But it is not impossible to find it. Consider the Size and weight of your canine before purchasing any GPS Wireless Dog Tracker model for your best friend.

Even if you buy a large device, your best friend canine cannot easily carry this device and collar. And check how many Dog Collars attach to this device. Some models allow unlimited numbers of dogs, and some allow just 1 or 2 dogs.

How is GPS Dog Collar different from the other collars?

GPS Dog Collar is the safest and most advanced collar than the other E collars. It keeps your canine safe in the boundary yard you select for your pet security and prevents it from leaving the yard. Further, it also tracks the activity of your beloved friend. So GPS Dog Collar track, train and even guide your canine stay at home.


Generally, you can easily set up the GPS Wireless Dog Fence within a few minutes like another Wireless Electric Dog Fence; there is no transmitter box and burying wire with this GPS fence. So you can track and train your dog with this GPS Pet Fence, and you can keep an eye on every moment of your pet.

GPS Fence conclusion

Most importantly, safety is an essential part of keeping your dog secure. So if you live near a city or busy road, the GPS Dog Fence is not a good choice for your pet. With this GPS, you can track your doggy before the situation gets worse.

Although GPS Dog Fence is a waterproof and rechargeable device to protect your pet from any weather, most GPS Dog Fences are suitable for only large dogs, those whose weight is 25 to 35 pounds and whose neck size is 14 to 27 inches.

While GPS Fences cover a 9 miles area, this fence is suitable for outdoor use only, not indoor use. When your dog crosses the boundary you set for your pet, you can receive the notification, and the GPS Collar alerts your dog.

Conversely, it gives static shocks and produces an audible warning tone to stop your dog from steeping the outside. GPS is the best way to protect your dogs and track them from any hazard.

Even though every GPS Wireless Dog Fence model you have decided to purchase has unique features like some covers, the best coverage area, and some have long durable battery timing. In this situation, you buy the product that fulfils your expectations and the budget in your range.

Particularly when you go to the market to purchase the best GPS Wireless Fence for your dog security, before purchasing, to read the reviews to be beneficial, you can easily select a comfortable and best product for your dog security. After installing this fence, you secured your dog quickly and are delighted to use this GPS Wireless Fence System.

Notwithstanding, some models of this GPS Wireless System have a smartphone feature so that you can track your dog all over the world through this GPS feature.

Frequently Asked Question.

1: Do GPS Wireless Dog Fences work?

GPS Dog Fence feeds the signals from the satellites, and the GPS Dog Fence provides you with a wide range of coverage areas and gives you strong signals. Generally, a GPS Dog Fence works inside the containing property. Ensure that you do not install the GPS Fence near urban areas and large buildings; it may interfere with the signals. So the weak signals may interfere with your tracking system, and you don’t track the exact location of your dog.

2: Does a GPS Fence hurt my dog?

As well as the GPS Dog Fence is straightforward, and it is a very effective way to save your dog. The GPS Dog Fence cannot hurt your dog the GPS Dog Fence is just a device on your dog collar that tracks your dog’s location. If you use it all the time, it may cause discomfort for your dog.

3: Is the GPS Wireless Fence better than the traditional Wireless Fence?

GPS Dog Fence FAQs

You can easily install the GPS Wireless Fence compared to the traditional fence because you can set it up within a few minutes, and there is no transmitter box and burying wire with this GPS Fence. GPS Wireless Fence is the best way to keep your dog safe, and it is the best way to save your dog during travelling.

4: Can I install the GPS Fence myself?

Although you can install the GPS Fence, it is a straightforward process to install it within a minute. Remember that installing the GPS Fence near a busy road may cause hardening in the signals. Make sure that you are doing it process the right way.

5: Is the GPS Fence worth it?

However, it can quickly track the location where your dog is and track your dog’s activities. And it brings static shock levels for your dog so you can train your dog quickly. It safe your dog from dangerous situations. And remember that GPS Wireless Dog Fences don’t approve of small properties. The GPS Fence’s coverage area must be larger than the 5 acres; otherwise, it doesn’t give proper signals.

6: Can a GPS Wireless Collar works in the city?

Specifically, the signals may not be strong in the city, the buildings and other things may cut the signals, and your GPS Collar does not work correctly, so you don’t use the GPS Wireless Collar in the city area.

7: Does a GPS Fence work for all dogs?

Undeniably the GPS Pet Fence System works on satellite and tracks your dog’s location through a satellite system, so this GPS you apply to all dogs. Still, due to my experience, this is better and more comfortable for large dogs, and the big dogs feel comfortable and happy by using this system.

8: How much does the Invisible GPS Fence cost?

Indeed the GPS Fence System is available at different prices, so you choose the low price fence system. At the low price, the features have low. Still, the price is high, the features may be outstanding, and the low price does not have excellent features, so Tracking depends on your system features. Due to good characteristics, you track your dog efficiently and quickly.

9: Is the GPS Wireless Fence Collar waterproof?

Yes, the GPS Wireless Collars are waterproof, so you and your canine enjoy the lovely weather like rainy seasons, and snow falling. So they do not affect collar performance, and your dog was so happy by this enjoyment, so you are using the GPS Wireless Collars in this situation.



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