How long does a dog bed last?

All over the world, every pet parent wants to comfort their beloved friend. So they choose the dog beds that give their own space. It is the safest space for your pet. Further, it is more important to know how long does a dog bed last? Many factors determine that it’s time to replace the dog bed.

how does dogs bed last

Typically, dog beds are replaced every 1 to 5 years, depending on the environment, wear and tear, and your canine needs. Below read the article and decide whether it’s time to replace the bed. As well as know that do dogs need blankets in winter?

Signs it is the time for the new dog bed

When you notice these signs, you need to change your canine bed:

Unwanted infestation all over the home:

You must keep an eye on this type of infestation


mites in dogs bed

Clean your canine bed and prevent your canine and home from spreading out the mites all over the house.


Worms, fleas, and ticks. If you sleep your canine, these parasites cause infection in humans.


pests in dogs bed

Ants, spiders, and cockroaches. It can move around the house through the suitcase, furniture, and other objects.

Tears, loose strings, and holes in bed:

Keep an eye on the holes, tears, and loose strings because if your canine fits the head in the gaps, you need to change the bed. Give the chewing toys to your furry friend and prevent them from choking hazards. Here know that can dogs eat cake?

Changing needs on aging dogs:

aging dog bed

 A dog’s size, age, and health reasons cause a bed replacement. The bed for the six-month-old puppy is not enough for the growing dogs. Suppose you don’t change your growing canine bed; it can cause itchy joints and allergies. As well puppies bed must know that do dogs need shoes for snow.

Stubborn odors:

If you notice any odors coming around your dog’s bed, it’s time to change the bed. So the material used in dog beds traps the stubborn odors and refuses to let them go. When you try all the methods to finish the smells, and it doesn’t go, start looking at the new beds.

How to make a dog bed last longer?

There is the option to make your beloved friend last longer if you care about it properly;

Wash your canine regularly:

wash your dog

Like dogs, bed washes your canine regularly; if you don’t wash your beloved friend regularly, then aim to wash your puppy every month. Further, some dogs have rashes, infections, and ear infections, so wash your canine to keep the smell down.

Wash your dog bed:

Wash your canine bed; it helps to reduce the smell it might have. If your canine uses the bed regularly, it needs to be cleaned weekly. So remove the cover and cushion padded. Wash your canine body and prevent your beloved friend from problems.

Teach your pet not to play with the bed:

teach your pet

It is a complicated task for owners to teach their pets not to play with the dog bed. Sometimes dogs play with shoes, clothes, and dog beds, so it is the main aim to teach the pet which is a toy. There are different methods to train the puppy; some pet owners use crinkled water bottles to train the pet.

Use odor eliminators:

To keep the dog’s bed new, use odor eliminators, and air fresheners have the benefit of killing germs. Remember that when using the odor eliminators, ensure your canine bed is dry. And use odor eliminators before the pet bed because the spray is sometimes stuck in your canine fur, causing the rashes.


Every pet owner wants a comfortable space for their pet. Further, when you purchase the dog bed focus on your canine comforts. Suppose you want to properly care for your canine, then wash your pet’s bed at least once a week. So as well as dogs comfortable beds you must know about the why is my dog breathing fast?


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