How to install Wireless Dog Fence?

Creating a safe place for dogs is an essential responsibility of pet owners. The Wireless Dog Fence gives yard freedom and safety to your dog, but it is crucial to know how to Install Wireless Dog Fence? to protect your dog and family. We guide you on How to Install the Wireless Dog Fence? for your canine. As well as ensure your canine comfort like that know about Orvis Dog Beds.

Step #1: Find a location for your transmitter

First of all, select the right place to put your signal transmitter as you know that the transmitter is the central unit of the Wireless Fence.

Remember a few things when you choose a suitable place for your pet: There is a need to give a power source nearby powering unit.

  • Further, place the transmitter at least 2 feet off from the ground floor.
  • Remember that put the transmitter 3 feet away from heavy and oversized metal objects like refrigerators, heavy machines, etc. Because these appliances may interfere with the signals and sources of Wireless Transmitter.

For the best result, ensure that you do not put any large or heavy appliances near the signal transmitter. As a loving pet owner, you must know about your canine health condition such as Old Dog Seizures.

Step #2: Activate the Dog Receiver Collar

Usually, to activate the receiver collar read carefully Invisible Dog Fence Reviews, and insert the battery in the pet receiver in most cases. Moreover, you know that most dog receiver collar comes with disposable batteries that primarily work for 1 to 3 months of use.

While other Wireless Collars come with rechargeable or removable batteries, these collars work correctly for a few days before the recharge is required. After inserting the battery into the collar, turn on the pet collar.

Further, registering the pet collar it depends upon the Installing of the Wireless Dog Fence model you own. So the last step is to press the button or two on the transmitter and wait for a few seconds until your receiver collar is registered.

Step #3: Set the Radius of your Containment area

So the radius of the transmitter depends upon the model of the Underground Dog Fence Pet Buried Wire. Moreover, the maximum radius that you can set with the Tractor Supply Wireless Fence is 90 to 250 feet. And the actual radius setting of the Wireless Pet Fence depends upon its mode.

Different products have required different settings. Ideally, we set the radius of the containment area. So another partner stays in the yard with the receiver collar held around. According to the same height as your dog If they wear this collar.

While the other person stands in the house, start changing the radius of the containment area zone until the collar begins to beep. So the two-person started to communicate with each other via cellphone.

Further, the person who stays in the yard says to the other person to stop changing the radius setting. So by this technique, we can set the better size of the containment area.

Step #4: Set the correction levels

The correction levels will again depend upon the model of Wireless Pet Fence.

  • First of all, we press the “Mode” button on the receiver collar and then wait for the flash; after this, set the correction levels ( correction level 1, correction level 2, correction level 3, and so on). We start hearing the signals and then increase the correction levels by pressing the button twice from level 1 to level 3. 
  • In some of the modern models of Portable Electric Dog Fence, you can set the correction levels of the collar through the central unit without any change in the collar itself.

Step #5: Plant the training flags

It is the last or final step that we do we set up the flags in 15 minutes. Please follow these steps.

  • We held the receiver collar in our hands and then slowly moved to the boundary zone.
  • Remember that stop moving when you hear the collars beep and plant the one flag on your feet.
  • Back away and repeat the same two steps across the length of your boundary area. Place all the flags that must be 7 to 10 feet away from each other.

Step #6: Install the transmitter

So if you do not know how to install Wireless Dog Fence? Then read this. You might be wondering why we discuss this step at the end. Don’t place the transmitter until you find a suitable and dry place to put the transmitter.

So you can put the transmitter on a table or somewhere it provides a straight signal. And you can use the adhesive strips to glue the transmitter to the wall. To protect your fur baby from diseases, you must know about Blindness In Dogs.


To Install the Wireless Dog Fence, you can remain your pet healthy and safe in the yard. Moreover, your dog learns quickly to stay in the yard. And the Wireless Dog Fence provides your dog with a maximum play area.

Further, if you follow these steps, you can save your dog in the boundary area. And you can easily set up the Wireless Pet Fence around your boundary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you install the Wireless Pet Fence?

The installation process of Wireless Fence is so simple and easy turn on the transmitter and put the collar on your dog’s neck, then select the correct boundaries for your pet.

So after this plugin, the transmitter after mark off your edge. After this, you can easily set up the boundary. So this process is briefly designed above all.

2. Can you run an underground dog fence above ground?

Yes, you can run above ground, but it is not recommended due to the potential damage to the Wireless Fence wire. We suggest that you place or put the wire in a protective case like a water hose, but a system work with exposed wire above the ground.

3. How long does it take to install the Invisible Fence?

So it depends upon the size of your property or containment area. And you can install the Wireless Fence within one day. But in this case, if you have a large property it takes two days but not more than that.

4. Where do flags go on Invisible Fence?

Further, place the flags inside of your boundary zone where the beep happens. Then place the flags. Take the collar receiver and walk out where your Wireless Fence is located. Then hold the collar receiver at the height of your dog’s neck.


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