How to Keep a Dog Cool?

All pet owners love their puppy and want to cool down during the hot summer days. Further, as the temperature rises, it is essential to know how to keep a Dog Cool? So we give tips to keep your Dog Cool on the hot summer days.

How to keep a dog cool

Provide a Fresh Drinking Water:

Remember that you should always have plenty of fresh and cold water for your beloved canine in your backyard or beach. Further, before going on the walk, fill or freeze the dog bowl with a quarter of water. It will keep your fur baby cool. Ensure that the water you fill in your canine bowl is enough for the last trip. As a refreshment Can Dogs Eat Bread?

Shade and excellent spot to lie down:

Shade spot for the dogs

Use the shades or umbrellas to create a shadow and cool spot because dogs always look for the most fabulous place to lie down. Further, we have another option to keep the dog cool: a cooling bed, which comes in different ranges and sizes. Because this bed is filled with cooling gel, that is the best option for older dogs.

Water to play in:

When the dogs play in the water, that helps maintain the dog’s body temperature during the summer heat. So keeping your canine cool is essential: to keep your dog cool, you have fun in the pool or lake.

An ice pack cooling mat or wet towel to lay on:

When it is hot outside, the wet towel cooling mat or ice pack helps maintain their lower body temperature. To save your pet you must know How to Stop a Dog From Licking a Wound?

Ice pack:

To keep calm dog, use the wrapped ice pack in a blanket or put it on your beloved friend’s bed or resting place.

Ice pak for dogs
Side view of fawn French Bulldog dog wearing blue cooling vest harness to lower body temperature on a hot summer day

Cooling mats:

When the cooling mats lay down on the ground where your fur babysits, it works fantastic to keep your buddy cool.

Wet towels:

First, drench the towel in the cool water and drape over your canine; this even works on dogs with large hairs.

Use a cooling collar or vest:

Use the cooling collars filled with special cooling gel to keep your buddy cool for up to a few hours. So this type of coat helps to cool down your canine. Moreover, remember that it is essential when hiking or walking with your dogs during the warmer days. During the summer as a healthy snack, Can Dogs Eat Dates?

Look out for the signs of heat stroke:

Further, Heat stroke can be fatal for your dogs because it reduces the body temperature of your canine. However, it is essential to know the signs of Dogs Heat Stroke so that you can get an urgent call from your vet.

signs of Heat stroke

Signs of the heat strokes are:

  • Drolling or foaming at the mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Weakness
  • Confusion or loss of coordination
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea

If you think that your dog has heat stroke, then call your vet immediately and do that:

  • Keep them calm and still
  • Give a small amount of the cool water
  • Move the dog to the excellent or shaded area
  • Put the cool or wet towel on the top
  • Remember that never use the cool or ice water on the dogs’ feet, ears, and heads because it can cause the shock

Avoid the midday heat:

avoid the middy heat

At this time, the best option is to keep your buddy at home; it depends on where you live and the temperature will be cooler in the early morning or late afternoon. Further, in the early morning, spend time with your pet or walk. And as a pet owner, it is essential to know that Rabies In Dogs is a fatal disease.

Avoid the exercising on hot days:

During the hot days when the temperature is too high, we suggest you avoid outdoor activities and exercise with your dogs during this type of day. Moreover, check the ground with your hands; if it is too hot for your hands, it is unbearable for your pet paw, so avoid exercise in this condition.

Never leave dogs in cars:

dogs in car

Do not leave a dog alone in the car; it can be fatal for your canine. Even the car parked in the shadow area with an open window can produce the heat stoke quickly and cause distress or discomfort. Remember that if you see the dog in the hot car, dial the 999. Further, avoid traveling with your beloved friend during the hot summer days.


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