How to Stop a Dog from Licking a Wound?

It is one of the most frustrating things when dogs lick their wounds and applying any gel or ointment that heals the injury is hard. Further, there are different ways to Stop a Dog from Licking a Wound. Even though there are many pros and cons associated with this process.


Wounds are prevalent in dogs; most people believe letting dogs lick at their wounds is beneficial and will help heal the sore. So we suggest some instructions that will enable you to stop a Dog from Licking a Wound. Can Dogs Eat Coconut? Is it safe for pets?

Why do dogs lick their wounds?

Dogs lick their wounds mainly because it helps to soothe the pain and discomfort. Which can temporarily help to reduce the pain. Moreover, as you know, humans use their hands to self-soothe their wounds. And dogs don’t have hands, so they use another tool for self-soothing like that tongue.

why do dog lick wound

Research has shown that dogs’ saliva kills two types of the bacteria, such as Streptococcus canis and Escherichia Coli, so dogs lick their wounds to clean away these bacteria. Further, the dog’s saliva fights against these two bacteria and stops to grow in damage.

Is it safe for my dog to lick his wound?

Many people think that when dogs lick their wounds, it will help to heal the wounds faster, but the dog’s saliva contains a lot of bacteria. That can lead to an infection or a longer healing time. Further, when stitches are in place, it can lead to severe complications. Tonsillitis In Dogs is a fatal disease?

What are the signs if your dog’s wound is infected from licking?

  • Pus
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Thick or clour discharged
  • Reopening of the wound

How do you prevent the dogs from licking?

Dogs have different wounds and other ways to stop your canine from licking the wound. So some of the most common and most accessible ways are:

Elizabethan collar:

Elizabethan collar

Primarily, use the cone shape, Elizabethan Collar, to prevent the scars of the puppy. This soft cone is now available in the market. That contains the dogs from licking their wounds. Further, find the right size of a cone for your beloved friend.


Bandaging a wound is enough to stop your beloved friend from licking their wounds. Further, make sure that bandages are not too tight. It is comfortable for your canine so that dog can quickly move.

So it also creates a clean wound environment that helps to heal the wound faster. Moreover, you can easily remove it whenever it is wet. And if you notice any soreness or swelling, immediately call your vet. 


Remember to keep the bandages dry, so whenever you see they get wet, change the dressings every 1 to 2 days. So the material of the applications is expensive. And cannot be readily applied to all areas of the body.


dog boots

Boots are used on the top of the dressing, but before purchasing the boots. Ensure they can easily fit. So buy at least one size bigger. But you can only use it in this condition when the wounds are on the leg of the dog, and some dogs do not like to wear boots.

Anti lick strips or spray:

You can buy anti-lick strips or spray from the pet store or your vet, which works well. Further, you can easily apply it to your furry friend’s wound. Even we tested the natural ingredients spray to limit its potential side effects.


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