How to use dog cooling vest

How to use dog cooling vest

All dog owners love to take their pets outside for a walk, but it isn’t easy during the summer days. So heat stroke can be dangerous for your four-legged friend. Further, on hot days dog cooling vest is best, and a dog lover asks how to use the dog cooling vest. It is the best way to cool your buddy in the hot summer months, and it’s made with breathable material. Here know how do pet cooling mats work.

How does a dog’s cooling vest work?

how does cooling vest work

A dog’s cooling vest works the same as the human body works. So the vest’s layers absorb and lock the water that evaporates over time. Further, the cooling vest cools your dogs all day and pulls the excess heat from the pet’s bloodstream. And cool the dogs all day. The critical area to cool your dog is the chest and neck.


Ensure the dog’s vest is made with 100% breathable cotton fabric. So it can hold up to 400 times its weight in water and is made with a non-toxic material that does not irritate. Further, this vest is made with chew-proof, lightweight, and comfortable fabric.

Cooling vest sizing:

cooling vest sizing

Dog cooling vests are specially designed from the neck to cover vital organs. So choose the fit vest that covers the body and provides a cooling effect throughout the body; before selecting the cooling vest, measure your four-legged friend’s back. As well as knowing that should dogs wear clothes.

How to use the dog cooling vest?

First, soak the vest in cool water for a few minutes, then gently rub it to absorb the water quickly. When it is scorched, then rewash it in the water. However, place the vest on your canine vest and adjust the neck and chest straps for the perfect fit and cooling. As well as a cooling vest know that can dogs drink coffee?

Different cooling vest

HyperKewl Evaporating dog cooling vest:

HyperKewl dog cooling vest

This vest is the best way to keep the dog cool during hot summer days. And the most fantastic thing about this dog product is that it won the best dogs product award in 2010. Further, your canine can use this during playing and exercise due to its lightweight and comfortable design.

Cool pup reflective harness

This fantastic vest protects your buddy’s skin from the sun’s rays, and this comfortable vest uses ice and water to cool your beloved friend. Further, this lightweight vest cools for up to six hours.

TechKewl phase change cooling vest

This vest is designed for a non-toxic chemical that maintains the temperature for up to 2 to 3 hours. Further, to keep your beloved friend cool, this lightweight vest absorbs excess body heat and keeps your canine cool. And in the market, it’s available in small to extra large sizes. Here know that how to keep your dog clean in winter.


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