Bristol County Sheriff candidate Nick Bernier was offended by Paul Heroux's perceived failure to keep a campaign promise. This happens all the time in politics. If Bernier truly believes in the issues he has touted, by not supporting the winner of the primary he is effectively ensuring a continuation of the failed Hodgson policies.

This is no time to let hurt feelings stand in the way of long overdue changes needed in our county corrections system.

There is just too much at stake. I hope those people close to Bernier will help him realize the consequences of his decision.

— Dawn Blake Souza is a retired educator and New Bedford Public Schools principal

Don’t let political division stand in the way

We shouldn't let the legacy of Trumpism division and bitterness blind us to the greater object of defeating and replacing Hodgism.

Negative ads have no place in a campaign which should concentrate on policy issues like recidivism, treatment of immigrants, and mental health. But I doubt negative ads were the reason for Heroux’s win, and I am sure Bernier would have been a strong candidate.

But Bernier should not shoot himself or Heroux in the foot by not endorsing the Democratic primary winner. That would be a huge political mistake that may keep some voters home and only ensure more years of Hodgism.

Keep your eyes on the prize — time for a change!

— George Kontanis is a Dartmouth resident

Three cheers to summer interns and West Beach Stories

Huge shoutout to the summer interns and the work they’re doing. Their videos are terrific. They give me hope for the future knowing how committed they are to sharing stories and helping us all to know one another more deeply.

I hope Petarenapro will continue to offer summer internships. Thank you all!

— Susan Kehoe

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