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Bob Rocha’s love of whales, science spans three decades

Associate curator of science and research at the New Bedford Whaling Museum inspires others to want to learn. “Knowing that people are reading exhibit panels that I created or website pages that I wrote, that’s satisfying.”

Eric Paradis plays his part in a big way

For 20 years, he’s contributed to the New Bedford arts community, and his achievements mirror that of the city he devotes so much of his time and energy to.

Get a sneak peek at the new MBTA stations

Take an aerial gander at the tracks that will carry passengers from the South Coast to Boston’s South Station via the Middleborough line.

Philip H. Beauregard invests in people, ‘true believers’

“We are entrusted by some of the most wonderful, smart, and amazing people in the world to invest their money into very, very early-stage companies. … Google and SpaceX and Amazon all started small. And so we hope to be the people that find those upstarts and play a small part in their story.”

Katie Roberts, the great outdoors and the wonder of nature

Youth Opportunities Unlimited program director: “I just fell in love with connecting with kids outdoors and helping them create those memories that I had as a child. I think that is an extremely important piece of the work that I do.”

Video: Five women, five journeys, one similar bond — motherhood

The Light celebrates Mother's Day by sharing the stories of Carina Marshall, Audra Andrade, Claire Martin, Lisa Guillemette, and Mariangelis Baez Rivera — five mothers from New Bedford who have experienced motherhood in their unique way.

A teacher and coach, Dartmouth’s Joshua Rodrigues loves the game

A developmental coach with the Norfolk Tides, Rodrigues says: “To work in professional baseball you need to be someone who just loves baseball and loves being around a team … and in the end, honestly, I’m coaching a baseball game and it’s a kid’s sport.”

New Bedford company SHARE-ing, caring, changing lives

In 1981, Philip Viall and his colleague developed the first-ever computer system enabling a person with a disability to spell, write sentences, and speak using an electronic voice synthesizer. The New Bedford-based SHARE Foundation now serves 4,000 clients.

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