What to do when my dog runs through the Invisible Fence?

Of course, the Invisible Fence is the best way to Keep Dog in Fence. But even if your dog runs through the Invisible Fence, there are some reasons for this situation. Generally, if you are not training your pet correctly and your canine could not learn the boundary area you set up for your pet, in this situation, you face these issues.

My dog runs through the Invisible Fence

If you are using the Dog Collar Invisible Fence System on the low-age pet, you have maximum chances your Dog Runs Through The Invisible Fence for this collar your puppy age is more than eight weeks old, so you are using this fence system on your dog.

Train your pet correctly to learn the boundary, and we discuss some common problems that interfere in this situation. Train your dog is not an easy task it takes a long time. However, it is difficult for your dog to get used to this Underground Dog Fence Pet Buried Wire. So you can find a solution to solve the problem.

If you create an edge in a small area, so your dog not lives in this type of boundary and run through the fence. Increase the width of the border and give more free space to your dog.

If you maintain a comfortable area for your dog, your dog never runs through the Invisible Fence, so try to keep your dog in a boundary area.

Why does your dog escape from the boundary?

Your dog escape from the boundary even you install a particular fence around the edge. If you have a male dog, it may be possible for your dog to run through the fence to look for a partner. Dogs go out for the boundary for the following reason:

  • The Shock Collar Invisible Fence may be faulty.
  • If you left your dog alone for a long time at home.
  • Your dog wants attention and something interesting to do at home.
  • Lake of education.
  • When you change the place of your habitation.

A solution to restrict your Invisible Fence

Check the battery charge of the dog receiver collar.

All the Invisible Fences have a battery of life of 1 to 2 years. However, some Invisible Fence needs to change the battery every 2 to 3 months or recharge the battery. So if you don’t change or recharge the batteries of the receiver collar, it may increase that your beloved friend escapes from the boundary area.

The low battery indicator alerts you to change the battery; your canine leaves the boundary if you could not change the battery. There are some reasons if the collar doesn’t work correctly.

  • If you cannot install the battery correctly, it may decrease the working of the Radio Dog Fence Pet Yard Collar.
  • The dead battery doesn’t provide the necessary power, so replacement is essential.
Invisible-Fence-Receiver Collar

Further, if the battery is not for the collar, changing the battery is the main problem whenever you install the fence around your boundary to ensure that the collar battery inserts correctly.

So if it doesn’t work perfectly, then contact the dog collar specialist brand. It would be best if you kept an eye on battery level, so before the situation gets worse, you solved the problem speedily, and to solve the problem read the Wireless Dog Fence Reviews.

Check the Fence transmitter.

So the transmitter is the central part of the Fence System; it works as the system’s brain. However, the transmitter helps you to control your pet and makes the system more effective.

Further, the transmitter sets the proper limits for your dog. After the check of the receiver, Wireless Dog Leashes battery then check the transmitter operation.

Most importantly, check that transmitter is setup the properly so that the transmitter converts a proper signal to the receiver collar.

The most common transmitter failure is:

  • If the battery doesn’t send the signals correctly.
  • Moreover, you do not set the adequate range of the transmitter.

Check the range of your dog.

Every Invisible Fence covers a particular area of your yard while these fences lose the performance at its limit. Ensure that the fence covers that area where you need it. If your Dog gets out of the Fence from the boundary area you set up for your dog’s safety, change the Fence System.

Improve your pet training and education.

First of all, before shocking your pet, train your canine and teach the boundary limits to your pet. As well the installation of Invisible Fence must give the education of your dog.

Your pooch leaves the boundary area due to the lack of education. In the same way, if your dog doesn’t feel the level of the static shock, they never understand the Fence warning.

Invisible-Fence education training

Further, train your pet by the training flags; these flags work like visual ads; your canine learns quickly by these visible flags ads.

So use a whistle to train your pet; by this, your dog understands the importance of boundary edge. Some dogs learn quickly to stay within the boundary with excellent training and through the owner.

Loose Collar

The collar that your dog wears has a contact point that touches your dog’s skin. Such as this audible tone may alert your dog when your pup is near the Invisible Fence.

If your dog collar is loose, your pet doesn’t receive the shocks levels, which may cause your dog to run. Like that collar, you must know about your pet’s health such as Ear Infection In Dogs.

Sometimes, the Invisible Fence is not suitable for your dog.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Invisible Fence is not compatible with your dog. If your dog runs through the boundary and gets static shocks, it is not suitable for your dog.

You can try that Invisible Fence System is running as usual. If you use this fence again and your pup escapes from the boundary area, leave this system.

Increase the boundary area.

The next thing you can do is change the width of the boundary that you set up for your pet. Remember that expand the area according to the limits of the Fenceless Dog Collar In-Ground Fence System. Maybe it proves a good step for your pet.

Then your dog feels the freedom. If you increase the boundary area, then they work effectively, and you can easily control them. Now your dog has more space to move in the boundary area. Then the collar works appropriately.

Additional Consideration

Different dogs breed has the other temperament, and some of the dogs quickly learn to stay in the yard. Use the small boundary yard to train your pet; it will help your beloved friend understand staying in the safety zone. If your canine leaves the boundary area after all the work, choosing the fence for your pet is incorrect. Further, select the fence according to your canine activities and temperament.

Retrain your dog.

It is one of the essential things to retrain your dog to give them a healthy life in a boundary area. If you want to secure your dog in the boundary area, the best option is to retrain your dog from square one.

To expand the new boundary area, place the flags on the ground as you need to change the correction levels of the collar. Remember which new boundary area you set up will now be much broader, so your dog receives the minor correction from the collar.

Keep an eye on your dog when they think you are not observing.

Keep up your dog training according to your need. Don’t let your dog in the yard without the leash, and monitor your dog’s activity. Further, go inside the yard and watch your pet when they think you are not observing; it is the right way to test your dog.

If your dog crosses the boundary area, then use the more effective collar that provides maximum correction levels and keeps your dog safe in the yard. Sooner or later, your pet understands the limits of the yard and learns that they are safe in the yard. As well as train your dog until they know the boundary limits.

Always appreciate your dog for obeying its limits.

It is an excellent idea to give a treat to your dog when they live the whole day in the boundary area that you set up for your dog. In the same way, if you run with your dog in the backyard, then as a reward, give them yummy snacks.

The dog keeps running through the Invisible Fence.

An invisible Fence For Dogs is the best way to keep your dogs safe in the yard. A hidden Fence System prevents your dog from escaping the outside. Many Invisible Fences are available in the market, so choose the Fence system according to your dog breed and age.

Don’t try to force your dog into the boundary area that you set up for your dog; otherwise, your dog escapes from the boundary area and keeps your dog safe in a comfortable spot. And learn How to adjust the Invisible Fence Collar Strength?

Some necessary steps that you keep to save your dog in the Invisible Fence.

  • Give your pet a vast living area.

To provide a large area to play and run your dog if you don’t give a massive space to your dog where your dog cannot play quickly. It may cause the escape reason of your dog.

  • Play more time with your dog.

If your dog is busy playing in the yard, you don’t want to escape from the boundary area. Remember that happy dogs are always want to live at home and want to enjoy the activities. If your dog is busy playing games or doing other things, he will not cross the boundary. You want your dog to be happy in a yard play with your dog, so he does not cross the edge.


The Dog Training Invisible Fence is the best way to keep your dog safe in a particular area. So the collar discharges the electrostatic shocks, which are not harmful to your dog. In the same way, if your dog escapes from the boundary area, find your dog’s issues and solve them.

Further, the dog breeds are brilliant animals on this planet; if you properly train your dog, they learn the boundary limits soon. Must educate your dog and check the Fence System personally. So if your Invisible Fence System could stop your dog, then change the invisible Fence and learn How to install Wireless Dog Fence? 

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