It’s very disappointing to read that Avangrid is now saying its Commonwealth Wind project is no longer economically viable under the terms of its contract (Major Massachusetts offshore wind project no longer viable). The revised estimated date for service, 2028, is not acceptable.

Sen. Ed Markey’s office needs to intervene here. He has been a stalwart proponent of offshore wind for Massachusetts, and he understands how critical the industry will be for our economy and for achieving our carbon emissions reduction targets. Sen. Markey needs to use his office to clarify how the tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act will be implemented so that Avangrid can move forward with reasonable confidence. And Markey can assist the DPU with the decision-making process so that all parties are fairly represented.

The people of Massachusetts are anxious to see those turbines spinning. Our elected leaders need to act to make it happen without additional delay.

Frederick Hewett is a Cambridge resident.

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