Pawious GPS Dog Fence – Wireless Collar

As a lovely pet parent, you want to be safe and secure your beloved friend in the boundary yard. So Pawious GPS invisible dog fence can help you ride this worry because it provides real-time location and your buddy’s movement, enabling you to make the right decision in an emergency. Moreover, we save your searching time and choose the best Pawious GPS fences for your buddy. It lets you keep your fur baby safe and sound in the garden without pulling a leash.

Pawious GPS Wireless Fence – Radius Dog Collar

Pawious GPS Dog collar

The most fantastic thing about this Pawious GPS wireless dog fence is that with this, you can quickly know the exact situation of your beloved friend. With this GPS technology, you can effortlessly precise the position and location of your buddy. This GPS collar is more accurate than the other wireless pet containment fence.

Further, with this chip-enhanced technology, you can easily track your canine. Another fantastic thing we notice in this collar is that when our canine escapes the boundary area, the collar gives the six correction levels beep, vibration, and shock. So these correction levels repeat the cycle every minute until the canine is back in the boundary line.

When our canines return to the boundary zone, these warning tones automatically stop, surprising us more. Overall this GPS collar is designed to provide your beloved friend safety and security. Using this collar is very easy. However, pet parents can easily set boundaries in just a few minutes.


  • Easy to use.
  • Covers a large area of 33 to 1000 yards.
  • Six correction levels.
  • Waterproof receiver collar.
  • 30 days money-back warranty.


  • Not suitable for indoor use.

After a fully charged, this collar works for up to 36 hours. With this waterproof electric dog fence, you can cover the 33 to 1000 yards area, and it is suitable for all environments that are helpful during camping, yard, beach, water, and farm.

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless – GPS Dog Fencing

PetSafe Stay & Play Compact Wireless

The most fantastic thing about this wireless small dog bark collar is that you do not need to dig the wire because you can install this fence without burying a wire within a few hours. And this wireless boundary helps you to secure your pet without installing any barrier. Moreover, this product has 50 flags that help as visual training aids.

Further, install this pet perimeter fence on the indoor side, and to secure your canine, you can cover the ¾ acre area of the yard. You can cover the 22 to 105ft area in any direction. These wireless boundaries keep your buddy safe and secure in the yard. And this collar is straightforward to set up. We love that it’s elementary to set up this.

However, pet parents must dig the ground to bury a wire to install other traditional fences, which takes too much time. So do not worry; installing this fence takes 1 to 2 hours. You can use this wireless system on all the pets. We use this wireless fence on our German Shepherd fur baby; it gives a fantastic result. And our canine feels free with this collar.


  • Easy to install.
  • 50 training flags.
  • One test light tool.
  • Long contact points.
  • Cover the ¾ acre area of the yard.


  • Sometimes dogs do not like its correction level feature, which gives a shock when your buddy crosses the boundary.

If you want to enjoy traveling or camping with your pet, it is the best way to save your puppy. You can easily take it with you. However, to check whether the collar works, you can use the test light tool that indicates that the collar work. And the contact points that come with this help protect your baby’s neck from a sore infection.

BHCEY GPS Wireless Dog Fence – Perimeter Shock Collar

BHCEY GPS Wireless Dog

The most fantastic thing we notice while using this BHCEY GPS fence is its newest GPS satellite positioning technology. This wireless collar gives a more accurate and stable single than the other wireless collars. So its accurate signals help you to keep your buddy safe in the yard.

However, this satellite positioning technology gives an extensive range of areas to secure your buddy in the yard. This GPS collar covers the 3280 feet area up to the 776 acres. So it is the golden chance to save the pet in the boundary yard without pulling a leash.

Moreover, this product comes with a test bulb and four sets of plastic probes. And you can use this collar on every pet because, with this adjustable belt, you can use this on every pet. So its adjustable collar belt is suitable for dogs whose neck size is 6 to 28 inches. You can charge the collar with this portable USB charger; it is one of the best things.


  • Easy to install.
  • Adjustable collar size.
  • Waterproof dog shock collar.
  • Two years warranty.


  • Don’t wear the collar for more than 10 hours of the day.

This durable collar has a waterproof feature that allows you to play with your furbaby in the rain, wet grass, or any weather conditions. However, this collar gives three intensity levels beep, vibrate, and shock. We used this collar on the large area side a few weeks ago, so this GPS collar satisfied us. As well as knowing that SpotOn GPS Fence.

Buying Guide

Invest in the GPS wireless dog collar to keep your canine safe in the yard. Because if the situation is accidentally worse, then the GPS collar helps you to tell the location and quickly find them. Before picking the suitable GPS dog collar, watch these points.


Before picking the collar, consider this if you want to give freedom to your canine and take them on a camping beach or hiking, then choose a collar that covers a high area.

Battery life:


It would help if you considered this because some batteries come with replaceable features, and some come with the rechargeable feature. So choose the battery life according to your need and buy a long-range one.

Size and weight of collar:

It is an essential thing you need to look into; do not buy a heavy collar because it can make your canine uncomfortable or even cause pain for your furbaby. Buy a lightweight and comfortable collar to keep your puppy happy and satisfied.


Choose those collars that stand with your furry friend in climbing, running, jumping, and swimming. Choose aq quality material like nylon and leather.

Final words

Final word

GPS dog collar allows you to see the unnecessary intense reaction if your canine goes beyond the boundary area. And you can easily install and use this Wireless electric dog fence. However, this device warns the dogs if they are close to the boundary edge. If the furbaby escapes the boundary area, it continuously gives the alert beep. Remember that when you remove the collar, clean the dirt and debris.

Frequently Asked Question

How long does the battery last for the GPS dog collar?

It depends upon the collar’s brand and model. Generally, the battery last from days to weeks, but it relies on the usage of the storm. So some collars come with a rechargeable battery, and others come replaceable.

Can we use the GPS collar on the other pets besides the dogs?

Yes, you can use the GPS tracking collar on other pets like cats and rabbits, but to make the canine comfortable and safe, choose according to their size and weight.

Do a GPS collar needs a subscription?

Some GPS dog collar requires a subscription to access the features like geofencing and tracking. At the same time, the other collars do not need because they have limited functionality.


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