Best PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System – Outdoor Dog Fence Review

Especially if you have a dog at home, it’s natural you want to save your pet in the play area and gives leash-free freedom to your dog. While you don’t like to build a Wired Fence around your yard. So many other options to build a fence around the yard. But the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is the best solution to keep your dog secure in the yard.

Pet Wireless System

As well as if you live near a busy road, then Pet Fence Wireless is the best way to keep your dog safe from any hazard. Further, building a Wired Fence around your boundary area is hard, and it takes more time. While you can easily set up the Wireless Fence, and you can set up this in few hours.

If you are a busy person and want to prevent your dog from injuries and other problems so this PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is only made for you. Moreover, one of the essential things about this fence does not use this product on an aggressive dog.

So PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System gives you peace of mind and safe your dog in the yard without any traditional fence. However, you get a one transmitter box with this that you set up the suitable place. The transmitter passes the radio signals to the collar, and the collar gives slight shocks to your dog. So do not panic about the security of your pet.

1: PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar – Dog Containments

Pet Safe Remote Dog Collar

The astonishing thing about this product is you can use it outdoor, so when you go outside for walking, hiking, and running, you can use it. And enjoy the with your canine.

As well as you can train your dog without the leash, and the Wireless Electric Dog Fence collar that you get with this product is a lightweight digital collar. Your beloved friend can easily wear this collar. So by purchasing the extra collar, you can expand it for two dogs and train the dogs simultaneously.

Further, you can cover the 600-yard Acre area; if you want extra space to play with your pet in the boundary area, then by purchasing the new collar, you can expand the area but remember that it is suitable for medium and large dogs. PetSafe Remote Dog Training Collar is the best for outdoor adventure.

Moreover, you get the three stimulation levels with this product, like audible tone, vibration, and 15 levels of static correction. If your dog tries to escape the boundary area you set up for your dog security, it will give shocks to your dog, and the collar produces the beep tune that alerts your dog and stops your pet.

However, the training collar is waterproof and lightweight, so your beloved friend can be pleased with the sprinkles of water; for this collar, the collar is made of premium nylon coated. In the same way, you get a quick charging adaptor with this product that charges the collar in just two hours, and after charging the collar, you can use the collar for 40 hours.

The digital remote is lightweight and waterproof; you can easily read on the screen, and a two-button is placed on it, one tone and another stimulation button. Your puppy weight must be 8lbs or up, and the suitable neck size is 6 to 27 inches.

This PetSafe Training Collar gives you a ten-year warranty, and then you see the issue in the product working, so you can change the product during the warranty.


  • Waterproof and lightweight collar and remote.
  • Off-leash training.
  • Three stimulation levels.
  • Outdoor adventure training.
  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Neck size 6 to 23 inches.


  • Not suitable for those puppies whose age is under six months.


2: PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar for Dogs – Best Pet Containment System

PetSpy P620 Dog  Collar

Surprisingly the remarkable thing about PetSpy P620 Dog Training Safe Pet Collar is it is available in blind operation design. The remote system is included in this system to control and train your dog through the remote. So you can quickly train your dog, and the remote creates in a lovely way so you can adjust the stimulation levels without looking at the remote.

Moreover, the training book provided you with this product, which may help you train your pet. Remember that dog training is not just about dog training; it’s also for the people to understand your canine.

The collar also gives three static stimulation levels like vibration, beeping tones, and 16 static corrections levels. When your dog crosses the boundary, it will provide shocks to your dog and stop your dog do not cross the boundary area.

As well as the waterproof and rechargeable collar for this collar, the puppy weight must be 10lbs to 140lbs. With this collar, you can cover a 650-acre area of the yard. Furthermore, the powerful adaptor you get with this product lets you charge the collar and remote simultaneously, and both the remote and collar receive the maximum speed.

In the same way, the PetSpy P620 Dog Training Shock Collar control aggressive behavior, leash pulling, wandering off, and barking. Remember that before applying the shocks on your dog, use the vibration stimulation.

Furthermore, before purchasing the collar, check that the Wireless Dog Fence collar is properly fit in the neck of your dog. Remember that if you use the collar for a long time or it fits tightly, it may cause skin damage. Please don’t use the collar for more than 4 hours per day; otherwise, it may cause skin allergies and soreness.

So if your dog likes to play with the water, then your dog can enjoy swimming and be pleased to play with the water.


  • Waterproof and rechargeable collar.
  • Dual quick charger.
  • Free dog training guide.
  • Blind operation design.
  • Easy setup.
  • Remote transmitter.
  • Test light tool.


  • Not for less than 10 pounds weight.
  • Please don’t use it for long; otherwise, it may cause skin damage.

3: PetSafe YardMax Battery-Operated In-Ground Dog Fence – Best Pet Fence

PetSafe YardMax Battery-Operated

The most astonishing thing about this product you can place the transmitter anywhere in your yard, and the in-ground cordless requires the 10 D cell battery that is not available with this product.

As well as the PetSafe YardMax gives 30% more space to your canine than the other Wireless Fences, and you can add unlimited pets by purchasing the extra collar. However, the receiver collar quickly charges in just 2 to 3 hours, and after charging the collar, you can use it for three months, but it depends upon the collar use.

So the suitable pet weight to wear this collar must be 5lbs or more, and it is not appropriate for those puppies whose weight is less than 5 lbs because the small puppies cannot wear this collar quickly.

Further, the Wireless Fence provides you with five static corrections levels with tone modes that alert your dog and stop them from escaping from the outside. And you can expand the area with the additional wire for up to 1.4 acres; on the other hand, you can cover the 1/3 acre area by this fence.

So there is no need to drill a hole in your house, and even more, you can be safe with your pet during the sudden power outage. Here learn the Invisible Dog Fence Reviews that don’t give shocks to your dog when they cross the boundary and want to reenter in the boundary area.

Mainly you can easily install the fence at your home; just set the transmitter’s position and bury a wire. Then fit the collar around the neck of your pet, so the contact points touch the skin of your pet. And step by step, train your pet, so by this you can prepare your pet within two weeks. The Safe Pet Collar included in this system has waterproof and rechargeable, so you don’t worry about the rainy season that the collar may work in the rain and don’t impact its performance.


  • Waterproof and rechargeable collar.
  • Five static correction levels.
  • Charge in just 2 to 3 hours.
  • Place the transmitter anywhere.
  • Easy and quick setup.
  • Neck size 6 to 28 inches.
  • 50 boundary flags.
  • Test light tool.


  • Don’t use the fence on aggressive dogs.
  • And it is not suitable for that puppy whose weight is under 5 lbs.
  • The minimum dog weight is 5 pounds.

4: Freedom Distribution Enterprises Upgraded Wireless – Outdoor Pet Containment

Freedom Distribution Enterprises Upgraded Wireless

The incredible thing about the product is that it will give you a digital transmitter; it shows the number of the pets you connect with the transmitter. Certainly, you can quickly train your dog by choosing the number on the screen of the transmitter.

So in this system, there is no need to bury a wire, and the system provides you with a 2.4GHz frequency signal without interfering with the other signals. As well as all the tools are required that you may be needed for the installation. So these tools save your installation time and money you install this fence system in just a couple of hours.

During the training, mode uses the three red buttons on the right side of the transmitter. These three buttons are role play in shocks levels, sound, and vibration. With this transmitter, you can train one dog, but by the extra collar if you want to train more than one dog simultaneously.

You can select the number of which dog you want to train, but if you prepare the one dog, choose the 001 to work with one dog. A waterproof dog collar is also provided with this product so that your pet can enjoy the rainy weather and enjoy the water fight with kids.

Moreover, the suitable neck size for this collar is 7 to 27 inches, and the set of silicon sleeves are come up with this. So you can use these silicone sleeves according to your need; if your pet has long hair, then use the long contact point; otherwise, use the small probes and choose those probes that touch your pet’s skin.

In the same way, if your dog leaves the boundary area that you set up for your pet, then firstly turn off the receiver and then turn off the transmitter to save your dog from unnecessary shocks. Before using the collar you must learn e Collar Training Pros and Cons.


  • Waterproof collar.
  • Easy to train.
  • Static stimulation levels like vibration, shocks, and sound.
  • Silicone sleeves contact points.
  • Easy setup.
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Dog neck size 7 to 27 inches.
  • Two lithium-ion batteries.
  • Work for all sizes of dogs.


  • Working great, but randomly beep once.

5: PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Wireless System – Dog Containment Systems Review

PetSafe PIF00-12917 2-Dog Fenc

The incredible thing about this product is there is no need to bury a wire to install this. So the transmitter is lightweight and portable, and PetSafe PIF00-12917 provides you with two dog collars. In comparison, other products do not offer this type of 2 dogs collar-free.

This PetSafe Dog Stay and Play Wireless fence system covers a circular area up to ¾ acres in the training of two weeks your dog learns the boundary. If you have more than one dog, you buy an additional collar to attach your dog collars with this transmitter, secure all of your dogs, and use the Pet Safe transmitter to keep your dogs healthy and safe.

In the same way, you can save and secure the dog you set up for your canine. This system gives you an LED indicator that tells your collar battery is getting low and gives you a quick charge feature in just 2 to 3 hours.

Moreover, the Tractor Supply Wireless Dog Fence collar is specially designed for security and comforts your dog. In the same way, the collar gives five static corrections levels to your dogs when they try to escape the boundary area you set up for the security of your beloved friend. Although these static shocks alert your dogs and stop your canine, don’t cross the boundary.

In this case, the suitable weight of the dog for this receiver collar must be 5 pounds or up, and the neck size must be 6 to 23 inches. So check that the collar fits your canine’s neck, and your furry friend feels comfortable after wearing this collar.

Further, you can install the system wherever you go with your four-legged friend, like camping or you go the cottage. If your dog continues the walking from over the boundary, it will receive light static shocks that are not harmful to your dog.

So you can easily set up the fence around your yard; after the training, your furry friend quickly learns the boundary limits. However, by adjusting the range on the transmitter, you can set up the fence in few minutes. PetSafe PIF00-12917 gives a safe and straightforward yard area ever.


  • Easy setup.
  • Test light tool.
  • 50 training flags.
  • Short and long contact points.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable collar.
  • Dog neck size 6 to 28 inches.
  • One-year warranty.
  • Rechargeable receiver collar.
  • Lightweight and portable wireless Transmitter.
  • The transmitter covers the ¾ acre circular area.
  • Quickly recharged within 2 to 3 hours.


  • Not suitable for those whose weight is under 5lbs.

6: Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence – Safest Dog Wireless Fence

The most incredible thing about this product is it comes with an extra  PIF-275-19 collar. The Wireless Pet Containment System has been comfortable, safe, and effective.

Wireless Pet Containment System covers a ½ acre area of the yard. So by the visual training flags, you can train your dog quickly, and your furry friend learns the boundary limits rapidly.

As well as dog neck size for this receiver collar must be eight pounds are up, and the suitable neck size is 6 to 28 inches; select the proper collar, so your canine feels happy after wearing the collar. And this leash-off collar provides your dog yard freedom, and the Wireless Pet Fence gives you peace of mind.

So when your canine escapes the boundary area, it will give you static shocks with beeping mode; your puppy doesn’t run the boundary area. Must be remembered that the collar that your dog wear has a lightweight that works on six voltage battery, and your dog feels relaxed to wear this collar and not tired quickly.

This system gives you a most beneficial feature like a low battery indicator, so you start your dog training. During training, the battery is low, so that this feature may alert you your collar battery has low and replace the battery to secure your dog. Your canine enjoys the rainy weather, and your furry friend is pleased on the wet grass.

In the same way, your dog wears the collar with the contact probes that touch the skin of your pet; these contact points are available with short and long points it depends upon, so choose the contact points according to your dog’s hair. And you can remove the Wireless Dog Collar after the training of your dog.

Most importantly, place the transmitter at the center point of the pet area and place the transmitter on the ground floor of your house. However, put the transmitter at least three feet away from the heavy metal objects. Remember that when it is possible to reposition the receiver collar after 1 and 2 hours. And wash the dog neck collar area and contacts points every weekend.


  • Easy setup.
  • Dog neck size 6 to 28 inches.
  • Five Static correction levels.
  • Circular area ½ acres.
  • Lightweight receiver collar.
  • Training Flags.
  • Waterproof collar.


  • Not for less than 5 pounds dog weight.
  • Don’t use the collar for more than 12 hours per day.

Buying Guide:

The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System can make your dog more relax and stress-free in your yard. And the Wireless Fence creates an invisible around your yard. Before purchasing the Wireless Dog Fence, keep in mind a few essential things.

Containment System Buying Guide

Installation process:

First of all, put the transmitter in a safe and dry place because the electronics equipment may have interfered with the signals of the fence. Remember to put the transmitter on the ground floor of your house and put the transmitter at least 3 feet away from the metal objects. And set the transmitter at the center of the play pet area. After that, start the training of your pet with the visual training aid.

Size of Dog:

You purchase the best system for your canine. So you choose the best lightweight and portable fence that fits your dog. Some fence systems work on all sizes of dogs, while some work on sizes that the system has fixed or selected a waterproof PetSafe Perimeter Collar to be very beneficial for you in the rain.

Containment size:

While some Wireless Fences cover the small yard, and some others cover the large area. For people who have a small yard, the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is the best choice. Due to my experience, the extended area coverage system is best you give a large area to your dog, so your dog plays and enjoys in the area.

Mostly the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System covers the ¾ acre area of the yard. And you can quickly turn the size of the yard up and down; it depends upon your need.

You can set up the fence in just a few minutes, but if you want to cover the more than 90 feet area, you buy the extra Wireless Fence. You can cover the 25-acre area; if you’re going to expand the space, purchase the excess collar.

The small area coverage fence system is not best for your dog because it feels uncomfortable. You can install this type of fence in your garden and start your dog training through a wireless transmitter.

Receiver collar and correction:

Moreover, you can add unlimited dogs with the extra receiver collar. But every containment collar comes with different features like shape size and correction levels, and every collar is unique from others collars. The collar comes with static corrections levels and tone mode. So you can manually adjust the static corrections and vibration levels.

Battery Backup:

The transmitter you installed in your garden for your best dog protection has long-lasting battery timing. If you start your dog training for 6 hours, the long battery life system battery works six hours continuously while the low battery life system does not work six hours, and in mid of training, the transmitter has shut down and stops your dog training. So before purchasing, you see these features in your system, it will be beneficial for you.

How does the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System work?

The buried wire used in the Pet Containment System is two to six inches buried underground to transmit the signal. And the wire that you are buried in the ground emits the radio signals.

Further, your canine collar detects the signals, and if your beloved friend close to the boundary area starts beeping, the noise alerts your fur baby to stay away from the buried wire. So by this, your pet quickly learns to stay in the yard.


Certainly, PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is the safest and easy way to train your dog. So with the Wireless Fence, you can train your dog in just two weeks, and the training flags you get with the product help train your Pet. These training flags act as visual ads; your canine learns the boundary area quickly through these visual ads. The Wireless Pet Containment System also works very well and gives peace of mind to a pet owner.

Containment System conclusion

Further, the receiver collar gives static shocks to your dog when your dog crosses the boundary limits that you set up for your pet. And these shocks levels alert your dog and stop your canine do not cross the boundary edge.

This PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment system covers a massive area with long-lasting battery timing, so the system is not off during training, and the collars are so lightweight and adjustable. Some receiver collars are designed for large dogs, so before purchasing learn How to install Wireless Dog Fence? according to your dog neck size. In the same way, you get the waterproof and the rechargeable collar, so the waterproof allows your pet to enjoy water fight with the kids and enjoy on the wet grass.

Wireless Pet Containment System creates a circular, safe and invisible boundary around your yard to protect your pet from any hassle. Moreover, this Wireless System is portable for camping and traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Can it be used during rain?

There is no final answer to this question. So you can use some Wireless during the rain while other Wireless Fence cannot. It depends upon the features of the Wireless Fence. Suppose the receiver collar is waterproof so you can use it during the rain. Mostly PetSafe Wireless Fence collar is waterproof; even you can use it during the rain-snow and short submersion in water.

2: How does the Wireless Pet Containment System work?

Your furry friend wears the receiver collar that detects the radio signals. So if your pet is too close to the boundary area you set up for your pet, then the receiver collar starts the beep, and your canine receives the shocks. These shocks alert your dog and stop him don’t cross the boundary limits.

3: How to install the Pet Safe Wireless Pet Containment System?

With attention, first of all, put the transmitter in the right place. And then activate the receiver collar. Set the radius of your boundary area. Further, set the correction levels and train your dog by the training flags. As well as install the transmitter. And then start the training of your dog.

4: Is it wrong to walk your dog on a collar?

However, who pulls your dog hard during the walk, then the collar increases the neck injuries. It can put pressure on the trachea, the spinal cord, and the vertebral discs. So it can be painful for that dog who pulls and lunge. So avoided these things.

5: Do Collars make dogs feel safe?

Your dog collar is comfortable; after wearing this collar, your canine cannot feel any distress. So you can walk your dog securely, and your dog feels safe and comfortable.

6: Can the Fence be used with multiple pets?

Yes, you can use the PetSafe Wireless Containment Dog Fence system for multiple dogs. When you buy the system, then you get one transmitter and receiver collar. If you want to connect numerous dogs with this single transmitter, so purchase an additional receiver collar to attach all of your dogs.

7: Why is my PetSafe Collar not working?

In this situation, when your Wireless PetSafe Fence Collar is not working, you see your collar battery may be dead. Try different levels on your dog, set this level that suits your dog, or remove the wire from the transmitter. Then replace the battery, activate the receiver collar, and change the correction levels.

8: How long can my pet wear the Receiver Collar?

So you can use the Receiver Collar on your dog for more than 12 hours a day. Not leave the Receiver Collar when your dog is in a boundary area when your dog goes for sleeping or rest so that you can remove the collar from your dog’s neck and your dog feels comfortable. Using more time collar on your dog’s neck may cause skin damage and other problems.

9: What types of Containment Systems are available?

There are different types of PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment Systems are available in the market. If you want to buy the Containment System for your best dog security, read some reviews and purchase the Best Containment System before starting the training of your best friend.


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