Portable Electric Dog Fences – Invisible Collar

If you want to give freedom to your dog, then the best solution is the Portable Electric Dog Fences Invisible Collar which provides yard freedom to your canine and keeps him under control by using the Wireless Fence. The waterproof and wireless dog fence is a great idea to keep your furry friend safe.


The Portable Electric Dog Fences Invisible Fence Collar Pet System protects your dog from escaping the boundary area you set up for pet safety. When your pup tries to leave the yard, they receive a beep, vibration, and gentle shock. In this case, you need to wear the small Wireless Electric collar on your dog’s neck.

Now you don’t need to create a physical fence around the boundary area of the yard. Moreover, the physical barriers look ugly and old-fashioned, so the installation process is more costly than the Electric Dog Fences. Before the installation read the Invisible Dog Fence Reviews.

What is the difference between Petrainer Dog Training Collar and Hokita Dog Fence Wireless?

The main difference between Petrainer Dog Training Collar and Hokita Dog Fence is that Petrainer Fence covers 330ft of the yard while Hokita covers the maximum area of the fence up to 990ft so that your beloved friend can freely play in the large boundary area. Further, it depends upon your need. If you want to give freedom to your fur baby then choose those fence that covers a large area. For the Petrainer Dog Collar, your canine neck size must be 14 to 25 inches but the Hokita collar is adjustable you can adjust it according to your beloved neck size. Here know about your canine comfort zone and How to reduce their joint and muscle pain. So know about Orvis Dog Beds are orthopedics.

1. PetSpy P620 Dog Training Collar – Portable Dog Fences

PetSpy P620 Dog Training collar

The most exciting thing about this PetSpy Dog Training Collar is that the dog remote is designed uniquely, so the button layout allows blind operation and instant correction levels. You don’t need to look at the remote for the blind operation.

Further, this dog collar helps you stop the mulish behavior of your beloved friend, such as chewing, jumping, barking, and biting. So this dog training collar gives you three training modes: vibration, beep, and electric shocks, and it provides 16 adjustable levels.

PetSpy Dog Training Collar is rechargeable and waterproof. Before purchasing any dog collar, check your canine weight and neck size so that your puppy can easily carry this collar. For this specific collar, your beloved friend’s weight must be 10 to 140lbs.

With this waterproof training collar, your pup can enjoy swimming and the water fight with kids. Moreover, the training modes of this collar stop your canine in the Boundary Collars For Dogs Invisible Fence that you set up for your pet’s safety. But it gives slight shocks to your puppy; these electric shocks do not hurt your dog.

PetSpy Dog Training Collar is specially designed for professional dog training, but now you can train your pet canine in a few days. With the remote, you can control your furry friend through the remote from up to 650 yards. Additionally, you can easily and quickly control aggressive dogs with remotes up to 650 yards.

You get the dual quick cable wire that charges the remote and the receiver simultaneously at the same speed. Further, you get the one test light tool that tells you about the receiver’s working. And we offer a training E-book that helps you to train your pet. However, it also teaches people to understand the puppy.


  • One test light tool.
  • Two sets of contact points.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar.
  • Dual quick charger.
  • Free dog training guide.


  • Not suitable for those puppies whose weight is less than 10lbs.

2. PATPET Dog Shock Collar – Dog Perimeter Fence 

PATPET Dog Shock Collar

The most exciting thing about this PATPET Dog Shock Collar is that if you want to train two dogs simultaneously, then with this dog collar, you can prepare the two dogs with one remote at the same time. Further, up to 3000 feet, you can train your beloved friend quickly, both indoors and outdoors.

PATPET Dog Shock Collar gives three training modes that are safe and effective for your canine. So these training modes are vibration, beep, and shock; however, it provides 16 static correction levels. Do not worry about accidental surprises; feel free to carry the remote.

The low battery on the remote and the receiver remind you to charge the device. Remember that the light on the receiver collar indicates a low battery. After the two hours are fully charged, the receiver collar works for up to 30 days, and the remote can work for 60 days. Moreover, for this intelligent and robust nylon collar, your dog’s neck size must be 7 to 27 inches, and even your canine weight must be 8lbs to 100lbs. The training modes help stop your canine in the boundary area you set up for your pet’s safety.

Further, if your dog likes to play with the water, then don’t worry; the waterproof dog collar stays in the water depth of 3.2ft for a half hour. The electric shocks are very mild; don’t hurt your dog. So you can enjoy the water fight with your canine or play in the rain freely.

Moreover, the silicon points made of rubber protect your dog’s skin; these silicone covers protect your dog’s skin from any soreness and infection. So with the USB interference, you can quickly charge it from your PC, Laptop, and power adaptor. Most importantly, check your dog’s skin every day.


  • Waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar.
  • 3000ft range control.
  • Two dogs control.
  • Blind operation button.
  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs.


  • Don’t attach the dog leashes to this collar.
  • Not suitable for those puppies whose neck size is less than 7 inches.

3. Hokita Dog Fence – Invisible Fence For Dogs

Hokita Dog Fence

The most exciting thing about this dog Shock Collar Wireless Fence is that you can control as many dogs as you want at the same time and anywhere where you want. With the one receiver collar and the remote, you can choose the five different radii like 100ft, 200ft, 300ft, 500ft, and 900ft.

The system will create a circular boundary around your yard to control your dog if your canine tries to escape the boundary area you set up for your pet’s safety. Further, when your furry friend exceeds the boundary area, the dog fence will start the alarm and the static shocks. And the receiver collar continues to start beeping until your canine returns to the boundary area. So this dog fence is safe, effective, and harmless for your pet.

Your furry friend can play on dust and in the water wearing this collar because the receiver collar is waterproof and dustproof. At the same time, the Hokita Dog Fence collar reflective strap improves visibility at night for your pet’s safety.

Moreover, when your beloved friend escapes from the boundary area, the receiver collar emits 3.7V static shocks; these shocks are very mild it cannot hurt your fur baby’s skin.  These static shocks warn your furry friend to come back to the boundary area.  You get the black silicon cover that protects your dog’s skin with this product.

And these silicon covers minimize the stimulation of electric shocks. Further, you can use this collar outdoors and indoors but remember that there are not too many interference factors indoors.

Ensure that there are no barriers between the transmitter and the receiver and put the transmitter high. Don’t worry about digging and burying the wire in the yard.


  • You get the Waterproof, dustproof, and rechargeable receiver collar.
  • It emits 3.7V volts.
  • Train more than one dog at the same time.
  • It is an adjustable receiver collar for all sizes of dogs.
  • Easy to train and control.


  • Short battery life.

4. Petrainer Dog Training Collar – Electric Fences For Dogs

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

The most exciting thing about this collar is that two versions are available in this Petrainer Dog Training Collar: the first remote training collar and an upgraded version. So the upgraded version teaches good habits to your furry friend. Like, correct the excessive barking, leash pulling, and chewing; you control this with the remote beep and the vibrating commands.

The training collar provides three stimulation modes: vibration, beep, and static shocks. Further, it prevents disobedient dog behavior with safe static commands when your canine tries to escape the boundary area you set up around your boundary area for your pet’s safety.

So when your beloved friend tries to escape the static correction levels gives a mild shock to your canine, these mild shocks alert and remind your dog to stay in the safety zone. This collar helps to correct the bad behavior of your dog.

The nylon strap of this collar protects your puppy’s skin from any infection. Further, the dog collar gives 100 static correction levels to choose the best level according to your dog’s mood that suits your canine. Your canine neck size must be 14 to 25 inches for this specific dog collar.

Both the transmitter and the receiver collar are waterproof, and the rechargeables so you can train your furry friend in the rain and your canine can enjoy the rainy weather. Moreover, you can quickly train your dog in the park or backyard so that the long battery life will train your dog efficiently.

Additionally, the receiver collar covers the 330 yards area so you can efficiently train your beloved friend outdoors and indoors. This dog training collar is fit for those dogs whose size is 8lbs or larger dogs. Further, you can use this collar to teach basic obedience like barking, hunting, aggression, jumping, blotting, etc.


  • Waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar.
  • It covers a 330-yard area.
  • Quick and straightforward training.
  • Adjustable collar size.


  • Not suitable for those dogs whose weight is less than 8lbs.

Buying Guide

Before buying any product, read the helpful buying guide so that you look at the difference between the Wireless and the Wired fence. In the Wireless Fence, plug in the transmitter that emits the radio signal in the circular boundary shape. You can quickly set up the fence.

While the Wired Fence looks ugly and usually, installing the Wired Fence takes two to three days. And it depends upon the area and how much you covered. So you can customize it in any shape.

Portable Fence Buying Guide

Static correction levels.

Most of the Portable Electric Dog Fences Invisible Collar allows you to adjust the correction levels that your canine receives when crossing the boundary line. Usually, you can adjust the electric correction level strength on the collar. So the adjusting level is essential. Use the lowest setting so that your canine enjoys the yard’s freedom.

Area coverage.

Portable Electric Dog Fence is available in different yard sizes; use the power system with a large boundary area. Most of the Electric Dog Fence covers the area up to the 3000ft yard. Further, you can expand the boundary area to give the yard freedom to your canine. At the same time, some system covers a small space. It all depends upon your need if you want to give ample space to your dog than you can purchase those collar system that covers a large area.

Rechargeable and Waterproof. Always remember that choose a waterproof and rechargeable receiver collar for the pet so that you can train your pet quickly in the rain. Most dog receiver collars are submersible and dustproof.


Portable Electric Dog Fence primarily covers the 3000ft yard area. Further, the Wireless Electric Dog Fence comes with a waterproof and rechargeable system and gives three static correction modes.

Electric Fence Conclusion

These intensity modes level provide a slight shock to your canine, and the collar starts to beep when your puppy is close to the boundary area. Actually, it reminds your beloved friend to stop by the boundary line you set up for dog safety.

You can easily set up the Fenceless Dog Collar, so it is more affordable. In the safe boundary, the area keeps happy with your furry friend. Give the yard freedom to your canine without any worry. To keep your pet healthy and strong know about Dog’s Liver Disease.

Frequently Asked Question

What is an Electric Dog Fence Worth it?

Basically, Portable Electric Dog Fences Invisible Collar taught the basic commands to your canine. So it decreases human error. Further, Portable Electric Dog Fence reduces the chance of escaping your dog from the boundary area.

Can a dog jump over an Electric Dog Fence?

Your beloved friend can quickly move into the Electric Dog Fence than the traditional fence. So it allows your dog to roam freely in the yard. But if your canine tries to escape or jump over them, then receive the mild shock that reminds your puppy to stop at the boundary line.

Can you train an older dog on the Portable Electric Dog Fence?

Every dog’s breed, size, and temperament can learn its boundaries. Electric Dog Fence is actually puppy-friendly, so your puppy is at least eight-year-olds. Further, the Electric Dog Fence training depends on the pet.


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