Sneezing In Dogs

dogs sneezing

Sneezing In Dogs is normal, but if you notice excessive sneezing, concern your canine vet. Further, there are many reasons for Sneezing In Dogs, so it is essential to distinguish between them.

Causes behind dogs sneezing:

Foreign body:

Generally, severe irritation is the foreign body that may be stuck in dogs’ nasal passages like grass, foxtails, or sticks. So if you see this sneezing or discomfort in dogs, immediately call your vet. Most foreign bodies cause Ear Infection In Dogs.

Nasal Mites:

nasal mites

The tiny bugs can cause nasal irritation, and dogs get them when they dig or play in the dirt or rub their nose on the soil. However, due to the offense, you will see the bloody or thick discharge when your beloved canine frequently sneezes.


If your canine shows underlying environmental health allergy signs such as watery eyes, scratching or licking their fur due to allergies, and itchiness, then immediately call your vet.

Airborne irritant:

airbrone irritants

Some dogs are susceptible to irritants like my pet, such as pollen or dust, that can cause sneezing in the pet. Moreover, tiny particles can get stuck in your canine nose passage, causing irritation and other common irritants such as air fresheners, smoke, perfumes, cleaning products, or scented candles. Here know that should dogs wear clothes.

Nasal tumors:

Nasal tumors in older dogs can cause sneezing, so symptoms generally increase the frequency of sneezing or bleeding on one side of the nose. As a pet owner, you must know the Symptoms Of Dog Cancer.

Dog sneezing blood:

sneezing blood

Blood during sneezing is a sign of serious issues, so the possible causes are foreign bodies, nasal tumors, and bacterial or fungal infections.

Why do dogs sneeze when playing?

You may notice that when dogs play or are excited by something, they start to sneeze, so this is called playing sneezing, which is normal and harmless for dogs. However, it is most common in small dog breeds but is often found in many dogs.

How to diagnose Sneezing In Dogs?

diagnose the sneezing

Basically, it is diagnosed on the dog’s medical history or clinical signs. Further, the cause of sneezing is abnormal breathing, snorting, collapsing trachea, and foreign bodies in the nasal passage. In this condition, most vets recommend a blood test, allergy test, X- rays.

When should we worry if our dog is sneezing?

If your canine shows these signs, then you need immediately call your vet such as :

  • Excessive or uncontrollable sneezing
  • Nose bleeds
  • Something stuck up in their nose
  • High temperature
  • A persistent cough
  • Symptoms of cough, irritation, or pain
  • Blue gums
  • Breathing problem
  • Drowsiness
  • A thick color discharged from their nose

Can a tooth infection cause sneeze?

Sometimes sneezing can be due to tooth decay or abscess. So some teeth in a dog’s mouth are very close to the nasal passage; this nasal passage can be affected, which can cause a runny nose or sneezing. Here know that Tooth infections cause Kidney Failure In Dogs.


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