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The SpotOn GPS Fence collar is one of the most popular wireless and smart collars. The short talk is that it is one of the best solutions to keep your canine in the yard without pulling a leash, and it also gives the mind peace to the pet owner. We are genuinely amazed by SpotOn GPS Fence and how it works for our beloved friend.

SpotOn GPS Fence

Further, it is one of a kind dog device. There are no competitors to this device in the market. So it is better to keep your buddy safe and sound even if it allows the players to play without the pulling leash collar. Here we discuss the few Wireless GPS Dog Fences.

SpotOn GPS Fence – Wireless Dog Collar

SpotOn GPS Dog Fence

The most fantastic thing about this SpotOn GPS Fence is that it is entirely virtual; you can cover from ½ acre to 1000 acres in any shape and size. It is easy to install; you don’t need to worry about the wires, base unit, etc., because you can easily set up and manage it with your phone using the app.

You will need just a smartphone to access everything the system offers. Moreover, without any wifi or cellular connection, you can find the real-time location of your beloved friend and quickly find him again.

If your canine leaves the boundary area, you can quickly get notifications and alerts and receive the low battery indication. Moreover, its battery power is incredible; after a one-hour recharge, it works for upto the 22 hours. And this collar can set up multiple fences on the same property.


  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comfortable for your canine to wear
  • Simple and easy setup
  • Extremely accurate GPS tracking


  • Not designed for tiny yard
  • This collar is quite expensive than others

It comes in three different sizes and fits the dog with a neck size range from 10 to 26 inches. Further, to install this, you do not need to bury any wire, and you can take it whenever you travel or visit on family or friend’s house. And you can add the keep-out zone where you do not want your dog to roam. As well as dog collars know that can dogs eat broccoli?

Pawious GPS Wireless Dog – SpotOn Virtual Fence

Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence

This is a safer and the reliable option than the other Wireless containment system in the market. Further, it covers the yard’s 99ft to 3280ft area, and you can adjust it according to your desires. This suitable GPS fence is the best for outdoor spaces.

You can use this for camping, hiking, or on the beach; it gives the 1 to 2-yard more accuracy, but in the wooded areas, it decreases from upto the 5 yards. Moreover, this waterproof collar is the best feature in a wet environment. You can easily set up this system without any wires.

You need to set up the boundary on the collar and start to use it. If you want the best performance, we suggest resetting the center points after 4 to 5 days. This collar uses GPS technology that provides stable and precise positioning for your beloved friend.


  • Waterproof dog collar
  • Easy to setup
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • 30 days money back policy


  • Not suitable for the small yards

Pawious GPS dog collar comes with six intensity correction levels. That’s helpful, which provides the tone vibration and shock whenever your canine escape the boundary area, and these levels repeat the one-minute pose until your dog is back. Overall this collar is designed to provide security to your puppy.

My Pet Command GPS Wireless – Electric Shock Collar

My Pet Command GPS Wireless Dog

The most fantastic thing about this latest wireless GPS fence system is that you won’t need to face any interference issues; it means that, like the other traditional collars, you do not need to reset it all the time. It means the collar will keep working as long as your beloved friend stays outdoors.

Further, this My Pet Command collar is suitable for all types of dogs like that, medium, large, and extra large, but not for small dogs and those whose neck sizes are 7 to 23 inches. So be careful not to use it on a too-small fur baby; otherwise, it’s risky.

This electric dog collar suits the sizeable outdoor yard area, covering 999 yards up to 650 acres. But remember that it is ideal for only the open outdoor yard, not the small one. Due to GPS drift, you need to set up the weekly program.


  • Six autocorrection levels
  • GPS dog collar comes with the training flags
  • Covers the large area of the yard
  • Waterproof dog collar


  • Not suitable for the small yard and small dogs

This hidden electric dog fence comes with the six training levels feature, so in the safest way, this collar train and warn your fur baby doesn’t cross the boundaries. You can set up this fence within minutes and simplify your life. As well as know that are harnesses bad for dog’s shoulders.

Buying guide

Before buying the dog collar, consider these things;

The durability of the collar:

It is most important to consider because the waterproof collar is the best and performs well even in rainy weather conditions. This waterproof collar quality is best than the others.

Types and range of the fence:

range of fence

Some dogs’ fences cover a circular area, meaning their content is radial. And some dog fences cover a small space, while other covers a large extent. It depends upon you what you want.

Correction levels:

Before choosing the collar, see how many correction levels are offered. Most of the collar provides three correction levels vibration, shock, and sound. So it also matters in response.

The age and the size of your dog:

Some wireless fences are designed for small dogs, while others are for large dogs. Before buying the dog collar, you can check this on the products. You should consider the size of your canine before buying the collar.



This SpotOn GPS Fence gives you everything you need and provides a device that functions as a virtual fence. We thought this customized small virtual fence was excellent. These new features are helpful for us and keep our canines safe and sound in the boundary yard. It’s beneficial to track your puppy’s moments. So if you think of buying it, it is a great idea, and your canine spends much of the time outdoors. As well as its important to know how to adjust the Invisible Fence Collar strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a correction system safe?

Yes, it is safe for your pet if you use it correctly. And every system provides the correction levels option that keeps the canine safe in the boundary yard.

What is the GPS?

This system uses radio signals, satellites, and GPS to track your fur baby and train him to keep it in the garden. Further, most systems monitor the dog’s physical activities and speed.

Is a fence system easy to install?

The overall fence system is easy to install they take a few minutes to install, but some traditional fences come with the digging wire process, so they take time to install it.


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