Symptoms of fever in dogs

Symptoms of fever in dogs

To detect dog fever at home is a little tricky. There are different causes and symptoms of fever in dogs because the temperature is naturally higher than in humans. So, detecting the temperature by touching the dog’s skin isn’t easy. Further, sometimes, a nose test is insufficient to assess fever accurately. As well, can dogs eat cat food?

What is the average temperature and fever temperature in dogs?

A dog’s average body temperature is 101° Fahrenheit to 12.5° Fahrenheit. So, it is generally a higher human body temperature because their body temperature is 97.6° Fahrenheit to 99.6° Fahrenheit. Further, a more than 103° Fahrenheit temperature is a fever in dogs.

What are the signs of fever in dogs?

Some common symptoms of dog fever are:

signs of fever
  • Shivering
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Coughing
  • Red eyes
  • Lack of energy
  • Warm ear
  • Warm, dry nose

How to take care of your dog’s temperature?

It is not enjoyable for you and your dog, but you can accurately measure the temperature through the rectal or ear thermometer. Further, different varieties of digital thermometers specially made for dogs are available.

take care of dogs

First, to check the temperature through the rectal, gently apply the petroleum jelly or baby oil on the dog’s anus, put the thermometer about an inch, and remove it after getting the reading. Moreover, place the thermometer deep in the horizontal ear canal to obtain an accurate reading through an ear thermometer. Read all the instructions carefully; do not use the glass thermometer. It’s also important to know that can dogs eat chickpeas.

What are the causes of fever in dogs?

An infection or inflammation can produce a fever in dogs. So, the internal and external causes are:

  • Viral disease or ongoing bacteria
  • Infacted scratch, bite, or cut
  • Ear infection
  • Infection of organs such as lungs and kidney
  • Infected tooth
  • Urinary tract infection

Sometimes, ingestion of poisonous material causes fever in dogs such as:

cause of fever
  • Human medication
  • Antifreeze
  • Human foods that are toxic for dogs
  • Toxic plants

Call your vet immediately if you suspect your canine is eating poison.

When to bring your dog to the vet?

When a dog’s temperature is higher than 106, it can damage the internal organs and can be fatal for your canine. Tell your vet all about your beloved friend, so if your puppy has any physical record, it will help you treat your special friend. Moreover, after the physical exam, your vet orders the laboratory test, such as blood count, biochemistry profile, and urinalysis.

How to reduce the dog’s fever?

To reduce the dog’s fever, apply the cool water around his ears and paws. Further, to reduce the temperature, you can use a soaked towel or dog cooling vest. You will need to monitor your canine closely and make sure his fever returns or not, then consult the symptoms of your vet. Here know about can dogs eat dragon fruit?


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