Why do dogs chew on sticks

why do dogs chew on sticks

A stick is the dog’s natural toy because the shaft is good in texture and smell. A dog with a stick in its mouth is wild. Pet owners have seen dogs with sticks and noticed that it entertained them for a long time. Most pet owners ask why do dogs chew on sticks. For centuries pet owners have engaged their pets to fetch and snatch the small bars. It is usually safe for dog teeth but sometimes can cause mouth injury. Here now, Can dogs eat lemon cake?

How can a stick injure my dogs?

When you throw a pair of sticks toward your canine, then it can be a dangerous toy for your dog. Further, it can cause a lot of injuries like that;

stick injury my dog

  • Eye injuries
  • Cut on your dog’s body
  • The sticks impaling your canine body
  • Chocking on bits of the sticks
  • Splinters in your beloved gum
  • Bacterial infections

What should we use instead of bars?

There are many alternatives way to entertain your pet, such as;

  • Fake sticks are rubber and plastic toys that are safe for dogs.
  • Choose the ball to play with your canine but remember to select those big enough for your dog.
  • Rope toys.
  • Large and medium kongs
  • Pressed hide
  • Rask
  • Dental hide

Why do dogs like sticks?

dogs like sticks

Dogs like to chew sticks because they have a new smell and exciting taste. Further, the dogs make them fun to chew the sticks. For teething with the puppy, you can offer them the bars to your beloved friend. And our canine loves to chase the sticks. Dogs often love to play these types of tracking games. As well as knowing that dogs have electric shock symptoms.

Why are sticks irresistible?

  • Sticks carry the woodland’s musky and earthy smell, which is attractive for your beloved friend.
  • The wooden sponge-like texture is the best for gnawing on.
  • The smaller sticks remind your canine of the bones.
  • Sticks feel like a reward.

Encouraging the behavior

encouraging behavior

Chewing is very beneficial for your dog’s health, but prevent your canine from the wooden sticks and give them his posts. So provides your dog with plenty of different texture toys. Further, stuffed animal toys are beneficial for the dog’s dental hygiene. Rope knots, plastic toys, and dental chew bones are the best for your dog’s mouth healthy and entertain them. As well as know the benefits of walking your dog daily.

How to stop a dog from chewing sticks?

Here we suggest how to stop a dog from chewing sticks. So the solution is:

Fence off trees and bushes

If your canine removes a stick from bushes and bars, you must fend off these things. Especially when these plants are toxic for your fur baby, you can use the Best wireless dog fence as a fence.

Clean your yard

clean yard

If you have a lot of acreage area and the sticks are growing on it, then you need to blade grass to remove the sticks and save your dog from chewing the harmful sticks.

Provides your dog a more games

Dogs who are bored chew the sticks or eat sticks, then provide your fur baby more exercise, toys, and mental stimulation, which help keep their mind off the bars.

Provides a toys

When you are in the yard with your canine, give your dog interactive food and dispensing toys that distract your dog from the sticks.

Is it safe for dogs to play with sticks?

It is harmless for your beloved friend to catch and fetch the sticks because it can cause injury. So it can harm your canine throat, teeth, and mouth. Suppose that if your beloved goes with the large bars in their mouth toward the gate or door, then it can damage your buddy. As a pet parent, be careful and safe with your baby.


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