Why does my dog cough after drinking water?

why does cough after drinking water

Drinking water is one of the most relaxing experiences because it hydrates your canine and reduces your body’s temperature. So most pet parents want to know why their dog coughs after drinking water. After drinking the water, coughing is normal, but if your beloved friend regularly coughs after drinking water, it is not normal. It can be signs of serious medical issues. Let’s investigate why my dog cough after drinking water. As well as knowing that signs your dog needs a bath

What does coughing after drinking water sound like in dogs?

dog sound during drinking water

The coughing sound is different in dogs; it depends upon what is causing them. Further, the dogs that cough after drinking the water may clear something in their throat. Whenever your beloved friend coughs, drink water; in this case, consult your vet; they can help you diagnose it.  

Reasons behind the dog cough after drinking water

Tracheal issues:

Tracheal collapse can be affected different dogs. In this condition, over time trachea loses structural integrity. Further, dogs with collapsed trachea may cough during drinking water, making it difficult to take sufficient air. It can be affected by any dog’s age, but this problem is common in senior and small adult canines. Remember that small dogs who lose energy or get tired after some exercise can be signs of a weakening trachea. As well as the trachea issue know the benefits of walking your dog daily.

Water entering in trachea:

water in trachea

It is ubiquitous in dogs because some lack fineness and control when drinking water. Like a human, dogs have two tubes in the throat. One windpipe, the other esophagus. Windpipe takes air to and from the lungs, and the esophagus takes water and food to the stomach.

When a dog gulps a lot of water down and gulps air, some water sneaks into the trachea. So the respiratory system does not allow the liquid inside and starts coughing to expel the water. However, it depends on the dogs how fast they drink water.

Kennel cough:

Kennel cough is a respiratory disease commonly spread when many dogs live together. The significant symptom of this respiratory infection is a cough that sounds like goose-honking. It can irritate the throat and make a dog cough. The dogs with the cause of the cough have runny noses and decreased appetite.

Should I be worried if my dog coughs after drinking water?

It should be expected if a dog cough every once after drinking the water. So if your canine never recovers quickly from this issue, it can cause a big problem. But some dogs are making a race out in drinking and eating; in this case, a little water drawn in the wrong pipe is normal. But remember that if your fur baby is getting worse after drinking the water, you must consult your vet. As well as know about Poisoning in dogs.

When should I need to see a dog vet after drinking water?

worried about dog

It is a severe condition if your canine situation worsens after drinking water and they feel trouble taking a deep breath. Moreover, if your canine has the wrong signs, do not hesitate to consult the vet. Your vet will help you to diagnose the issue and determine the problem. And the treatment of the cough depends upon the cough type.

How to help the dog avoid coughing?

Some dogs have the issue of drinking the water too fast, then, in this case, train your puppy. Do not let them the water until they are calm and focused before drinking. For a proper diagnosis, consult with your vet to ensure there is no serious issue. Here now can dogs eat pumpkin skin?


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