Wireless Electric Dog Fence 2023- Top Rated Reviews System

As a responsible owner, you must choose the right Wireless Fence for your pet. Certainly, Wireless Electric Dog Fence gives yard freedom to your pet. Before selecting this Electric Fence, ensure that it is safe for you and your pet.

Wireless Electric Dog Fence

If you are not at home but want your dog to be safe in this situation, you are using an electric wireless dog fence. In this case, a pet owner creates an Invisible Fence around your boundary area to secure your dog. This Electric Dog Fence is not suitable for the woodland and the hilly area.

Such as if you don’t have the time and space to build a traditional fence around your yard, then the Wireless Electric Fence is a simple and easy way to install the Wireless Fence around the boundary area. If you go camping, Wireless Electric Dog Fence is a suitable option to stop your dog from running after the yummy squirrels.

In particular, one of the essential features of this dog fence is if you may break this Dog Electric Fence, you see an email address on the warranty card, send an email to the support department, and give a brand new fence the next day. So this PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System has excellent and unique in the market and provides perfect dog security with high-quality features.

What is the difference between WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence with Additional Transmitter and My Pet Command Wireless Electric Fence Safe?

The main difference between WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence with Additional Transmitter and My Pet Command Wireless Electric Fence Safe so that Pet Command is made for outdoor use it is not suitable for the small yard you can use the WIEZ Fence both outdoors and indoors. So these fences are suitable for all sizes of the dogs such as small, medium, and large. Here know that about the Can Dogs Eat Leaves?

1: COVONO Electric Dog Fence-Portable Electric Dog Fences

COVONO Electric Dog Fence

The most surprising thing about this CONVONO Electric Dog Fence is you can control the boundary width by adjusting the signal range. Especially you can control the boundary width by push the button on the receiver. So most of the transmitters have a knob to change the distance. So by this, you can change the signal strength.

Further, the 650 boundary wire that comes with this product is thicker and more flexible than the other wires. So you can cover the ¾ acre area in any shape to keep your dog safe in the yard.

As needed, you can expand the boundary area by purchasing the extra wire to give more yard freedom to your beloved pet. So the boundary area you set for your dog sends a signal from the wire by the transmitter.

Suppose your dog is too close to a boundary area. Moreover, the receiver sends a beep and shocks your dog when your pet is near the boundary area. Significantly the speeds detection function increases the shock levels to stop your dog from steeping the outside. In the same way, the receiver collar of this system has adjustable, waterproof, rechargeable, and comfortable for all kinds of dogs. The suitable weight of the dog for this collar is 10lbs to 120lbs.

If you have more than one pet, you buy an additional compatible collar CONVONO Receiver to connect all your pets. In this model, you can get the extra collar with a lifetime guarantee, and you can return this in 90 days. Another thing about this product is that the receiver collar that you get is waterproof while the transmitter is not.

Moreover, a wire break alarm that alerts you when the wire break. The wire doesn’t split into two pieces, but it may cause damage to the system.


  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Extra thick wire.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Speed detection feature.


  • Don’t use over 12 hours.
  • Please don’t use it on the aggressive dog.
  • The strength of shock does not set.

2: TTPet Electric Dog Fence-Best Wireless Electric Dog Fence

TTPet Electric Fence

The remarkable thing about this product is the low battery indicator that alerts you when your dog receiver output is low its alerts you to charge the receiver. Generally, to keep a secure your dog in the yard so this Pet Containment system Dog Collar covers a ¾ acre area and provides you with a 650ft wire.

Moreover, you can lay down the wire in any shape like ground or underground to keep your dog safe in the boundary area. As well as the collar works automatically; it gives a shock to your dog when your pet tries to cross the boundary.

Generally, these beeps and shocks train him to come back to the play area. Another critical point of this product is the receiver collar is waterproof and rechargeable, and this Dog Electric Fence Collar is suitable for those dogs whose weight is 12bs to 150lbs.

In the same way, the collar size for this collar is 8 to 27 inches, and you can train an unlimited number of pets by purchasing the extra collar. Unquestionably you can enjoy the outdoor activities with your dog without the no leash and worries. 

Rather you can cover the flower beds, pools, and ponds with this TTPet Electric Dog Fence. However, you can use this collar for 10 to 20 days after being fully charged the collar.

Even so, you can control the boundary width from 1 to 100 levels by adjusting the signal consistency. And the wire break alarm tells you when the wires break. In the end, you can quickly train your dog.

It is a simple and easy way to keep your dog safe in the boundary area you set for your pet. Moreover, remember that before using it on the dog, please test the system.


  • Lifetime and 90 days checking warranty.
  • The waterproof and rechargeable collar.
  • The adjustable boundary width.
  • Wire break warning alarm.
  • 650 feet copper wire.
  • ¾ acres coverage area.


  • Don’t use this collar for over 12 hours a day.
  • It is not suitable for those puppies whose weight is less than 12lbs.
  • Not for puppies or small dogs.

3: WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence with Additional Transmitter-Wireless Electric Fence For Dogs

WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence with Additional Transmitter

In particular, the most astonishing thing about this product is the collar you get with this product prepared of the reflected material that keeps your dog safe at night. 2.4 GHz technology and the dual antenna design stable the signals.

This transmitter can handle numerous dogs as you want simultaneously; all transmitters and collars are automatically connected, not using a manual operation. As well as it gives 3.7V mild static shocks to your dog when they escape the boundary area; these shocks alert your dog to come back into the boundary area.

Another key point of this system is you can choose the five different radius to control your pet, and you can control it with the remote up to 990ft so; by this, you can cover the 70 acres.

Moreover, the Portable Electric Dog Fence collar is suitable for those puppies whose weight is 10lbs to 110lbs, and to wear this collar, the appropriate neck size of the dog is 8 to 28 inches. So the battery is low, the indicator may alert you to charge the battery, and it automatically moves on standby mode.

Mostly, the collar does not work; it will enter the standby mood and maintain it for more than six months. So the human touch and the dog movement only awaked this.

When your pet escapes from the yard, the static shocks alert your dog don’t cross the boundary. Certainly, these shocks levels are very mild that cannot harm your dog. So if you want to minimize the shock levels, you can install silicon covers. Then, you decided whether to install the silicon. It depends upon the reaction of your dog.

So you can place the transmitter in the open place to increase or decrease the range. When the receiver is working, the indicator light will flash quickly if the receiver power is low, then the indicator light will flash slowly.

Choose the short and long contact points according to the dog’s hair. Furthermore, the dustproof and waterproof receiver collar that you get with this product your dog can use in rainy weather.


  • Dog neck size 8 to 28 inches.
  • Five different radius distances.
  • 2500 ma lithium battery.
  • Waterproof and dustproof collar.
  • Add an unlimited number of dogs.
  • Test light tool.
  • You can cover the boundary area up to 990ft.


  • Not use for more than 10 hours in a day.
  • First time don’t use the collar for more than 4 hours.

4: My Pet Command Wireless Electric Fence Safe DogTop Rated Wireless Dog Fence

My Pet Command Wireless Electric Fence Safe Dog

Surprisingly the most astonishing thing about this product there is no need for a transmitter box to set up this Wireless Electric Fence. So this Electric Dog Fence uses Gps radio signals to set up the hidden Fence around your boundary.

Basically, remember that this Pet Command Fence utilizes it as an outdoor. As well as you can set up the Fence around your boundary within a few minutes and make your life easier. Moreover, you can cover the large outdoor area up to the 3281 ft radius.

This wireless Fence is not suitable for the small yard, such as this Fence is ideal for the large yard and forms. However, this Fence covers a mini 98ft radius area, and once you install the Fence, there is no need to set up this Fence daily. You should install this fence system in a clean area like no trees, buildings, etc., within the edge.

Such as after installing this Dog Fence Wireless, you would not face any signals problem issues. Furthermore, the suitable neck size for this collar is 6 to 26 inches, and this Electric Fence is ideal for all kinds of the dogs like small, medium, large and extra-large.

Even more, with this hidden Wireless Electic Fence, three static shocks level features come to these shocks to prevent your dogs from escaping the outside. It is the most effective way to secure your dog in the boundary area that you set up for your pet.

In the same way, you get the waterproof and rechargeable collar; the collar battery life is very long; you can use it for 15 to 20 hours. Generally, you can take it anywhere and set up the hidden Fence around the boundary to keep your dog safe.

For example, you can use it for camping when you go to the beach or properties. And you can set up the shocks, vibrates, and tones as you needed.


  • Easy setup.
  • Dog neck size 6 to 26 inches.
  • The covered circular boundary area.
  • Waterproof and rechargeable collar.
  • Suitable for all breeds.
  • No transmitter box.
  • Long battery life.


  • Not for a small size dog.
  • Not suitable for the domestic yard.
  • Only outdoor use.

5: JUST PET Wireless Fence Dog Containment-Wireless Electric Dog Fence Reviews

JUST PET Wireless Fence Dog Containment

The most astonishing thing about this product is you can train the three dogs, but if you want to prepare the two dogs, you can while resting another one. At the same time, you don’t need to dig to bury a wire in your yard.

You can easily set up this Fence and remember that use this Fence for only outdoor use. When your dog is near the boundary area, it will give a static shock, and the collar starts to beep; these shocks stop you from escaping the outside. Don’t worry about these shocks it cannot harm your dog.

Make sure that you don’t use this Fence indoors; otherwise, it is useless. Moreover, if your dog feels happy to play with water, this collar is made for your dog. Because after wearing this Wireless Fence Collar, your beloved friend can play in the rain, wet in the grass, and enjoy the sprinkles of water.

In the same way, the transmitter-receiver is rechargeable, and you get a durable battery that you can use for more than a week. Further, the low battery indicator alerts you if the indicator light flashes are double red.

Generally, the transmitter that comes with this model has kept a high-capacity battery that you can use continuously for 24 hours. Most importantly, before installing the Wireless Pet Fence, read the manual carefully.

In the same way, you can easily carry this JUST PET Best Wireless Dog Fence wherever you go, and the dog collar is composed of alloy rubber; after wearing this collar, your canine feels good. It cannot harm your pooch skin.

However, the suitable neck size for this collar is 7 to 26 inches, and the dog weight to wear this collar must be 10lbs to 110lbs because the small dog breed cannot easily carry this collar.

As well as if your dog has long fur, then choose the long metal contact points, and these metal points don’t hurt your dog’s skin.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Dog neck size 7 to 26 inches.
  • Charger.
  • Test light tool.
  • Four metal probes.
  • 4x metal probes.
  • Rechargeable and waterproof collar.
  • Three static corrections levels.
  • No wire.


  • 10 to 110 pounds dog weight for using this collar.
  • Not applicable for indoor use.

6: Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade-Safest Dog Wireless Fence

Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade

The remarkable thing about this product is Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade is available in four different patterns and five different sizes with the same features, but one feature is distinct; every design covers a separate area.

Pattern Names.

  • 1000 kit covers a 1-acre area.
  • 1500 kit covers the 2-acre area.
  • 2000 kit covers a 4-acre area.
  • 500 kit covers a 1/3 acre area.

Moreover, the Extreme Dog Fence covers up to the 25-acre area, and it provides a wide signal; you can use the wire for 25 years, but it depends upon you can bury a wire above the ground or underground.

Furthermore, the Wireless dog collar you get with this product is waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet. If your beloved friend wants to enjoy the water, then the waterproof collar is the best way to keep your canine happy.

Another benefit of the waterproof collar is there is no chance of bacteria and odors on the dog collar. The wire you get with this product is thicker and flexible; further, the training flags play a vital role in dog training as a visual aid.

In the same way, you can train unlimited pets; there are no limits to training dogs with this but buy an extra collar that covers up to 15 acres of area, and each collar performs individually.

Another critical point of the Extreme Dog Fence is the surge protector safe your transmitter against lightning as you know that the transmitter is the main point of the Fence that control the corrections levels.

By this, you can change the radio frequency if your neighboring Fence interferes with your fence signals. And put the transmitter at least 3 feet away from the heavy metal objects.

It is priceless, and the quality and performance are so excellent that your dog was so happy by using this fence system, so you are using it in your yard and garden. You are pleased to use this system.


  • 2x waterproof collar.
  • 100 training flags.
  • 50′ of 16 Gauge twisted wire.
  • 26 voltage batteries.
  • Seven static correction levels.
  • Digital transmitter.


  • The battery life span is 2 to 4 months.

7: Electric Dog Fence – Safe Effective Pet Containment System-Wireless Dog Fence Systems

Electric Dog Fence - Safe Effective Pet Containment System

The most outstanding feature of Electric Dog Fence is two training collars come with this, and there is no need to buy an extra battery because one charger cable comes with this product. If you are worried about your pet escaping and dread thoughts about your beloved friend, then the Wireless Fence could be the ultimate solution to save your dog in the yard.

Moreover, this Electric Dog Fence Wireless System has more comfortable and priceless for you and your dog. As well as this Fence system gives you a 4/5 acres boundary wire for your garden. In that case, if you have a larger yard, the system expands up to 5 acres with the purchase of additional wire. So with the help of this wire, you can secure your dog in a larger area.

And the charger cable fully charges a battery in 1.5 hours. Furthermore, the training collar is waterproof, so your furry friend enjoys the rainy season, swimming, and snowing. Your dog can run in the water to wear this collar, so no effect on the collar’s performance.

Generally, the wire that comes with this model is more flexible and thicker than the other wires, so the range of the wire is 656 ft. You can lay down a wire in any shape, like underground or above the ground.

Surely you can easily set up this Fence at your home. In this case, the suitable neck size for this collar is 9.5 to 26 inches so choose the comfortable collar for your beloved friend.

In that case, Electric Dog Fence cannot hurt your dog; these static shocks levels stop your dog from escaping the outsides; these shocks are very mild. While these shocks cannot kill your dog, the dog collar starts to beep when your dog approaches the boundary. These beep sound alert your dog doesn’t cross the boundary.

Further, the long and the short contact probes come with this model; these short and long contact points cannot harm your dog’s skin. In this situation, if your dog has long fur, use the extended contact points depending on your dog’s fur.

The Wireless Electric Fence system has a wire break alarm. Until, you don,t know the wire breaks, this wire break alarm may alert you to change the wire, and this wire break alarm may save you and your dog from a short circuit.


  • Bluetooth technology 2.4GHz.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • Speed detection.
  • Collar neck size 9.5 to 26 inches.
  • USB collar and receiver charger.
  • 20 training flags.
  • Test light tool.
  • Waterproof and more rechargeable collar.
  • The Audible and visual wire break alarm alerts you.
  • Long battery life.


  • Not for a weak dog.
  • It is not suitable for those puppies whose neck size is less than 9.5 inches.

Buying guide:

Wireless Electric Dog Fence Buying Guide

Significantly if you have a dog pet owner, you are worried about your dog security. Also, the product you choose for your dog security may help you in training and give the best protection to your dog. After purchasing the product then you see these features in the product.

How much coverage area can it cover?

Before purchasing the Wireless Electric Dog Fence, confirm how many areas you cover with this Fence. Some Wireless Fences cover a small yard, and on the other hand, some cover a large yard.

Generally, some Wireless Dog Fences cover a circular area, and some cover a rectangular so choose those fences that provide proper signals.

Some transmitters have covered a different coverage area as the weak Fence has 1 acre or the powerful have 25 acres. There are two types of fence systems used in area coverage: circular-shaped fences or rectangular-shaped fences. The rectangular-shaped fence system has an old system. So choose the circular-shaped Fence for the best area coverage and dog safety. The circular-shaped fences have a more used system, and the new system, the coverage system, was so outstanding.

Installation Process:

The installation process of this system was so easy and quick setup you just set up this Electric Fence System in just a couple of hours. In this situation when you install the fence you don’t need any wire. You just put the transmitter or the training flags around your yard boundary, wear the collar on his dog neck, and start your dog training. In training, train your dog in a boundary area, not go outside to the boundary.

Receiver collar features check after buying the collar:

So after purchasing the receiver collar for your dog, you must check these features in his dog collars. These features are helpful for you in your dog training.

  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery
  • Battery timing
  • Low battery warning tone


In this case, the Waterproof feature is beneficial for your dog. Your dog may swim to wear this collar and have no problem in the rainy season. Your dog enjoys the rain and feels happy and comfortable.

Low battery warning tone:

The low battery warning tones may help in different situations like your dog collar battery has low. Still, you don’t know the collar battery may be down, but the low battery warning may warn you the collar battery has low and change the battery or secure your dog.

The Dog Weight:

Before selecting any Wireless Dog Fence, make sure that this Fence collar is suitable for your canine because different products have different dog weights. Some Wireless Fences are not ideal for small dogs.

Types of dogs collar:

Furthermore, choose the best and most comfortable collar for your pet. 1If you train one pet, buy one wireless collar; purchase the extra collar if you can prepare more than one pet simultaneously. So you can connect the different collars to a transmitter. That cannot harm your pet’s skin.

Check the wireless fence warranty

Many companies offer a wireless fence, so pet parents must be careful before selecting an electric wire fence. So always buy the product from those companies who provide the warranty. Further, a guaranteed wireless fence collar can save your beloved friend from an unexpected incident.

How to decide which fence is better for your canine?

When you buy any Electric Fence for your canine, remind these main factors size and shape of your yard. If your yard area is small, choose those fences that cover the small space, so if you want to give the large space to your canine, then purchase the extra collar. Another factor is to consider the correction levels. There are three types of correction levels tone, mode, and beep. When your beloved tries to escape the boundary area, these correction levels emit a loud noise until your canine comes back into the safety zone.


Wireless Electric Dog Fence Conclusion

A Wireless Electric Dog Fence and the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is a portable way to keep your pet safe in the yard and provide him leash-free freedom so that your pet can play and enjoy in that area that you set up for your pet. Your dog feels happy to take the training.

It is a very affordable way to keep your dog safe, and you can easily set up the Fence in just a few hours; it doesn’t look like a physical fence. Generally, Wireless Fence creates a hidden fence around your boundary area.

However, this Invisible Dog Fence stops your dog from escaping the outside, and when your dog approaches to near a boundary, the collar gives static shocks to your dog; these shocks cannot damage your dog’s skin; it just alerts your pet from escaping the outsides. As well, a collar alerts your dogs in the form of shocks and beeping tunes.

And the waterproof and rechargeable collars allow your beloved friend to enjoy swimming and sprinkles of water in the rainy seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is a Wireless Electric Dog Fence harmful to my dog?

No, it doesn’t feel dangerous for your canine. But you need to remind some essential instructions. First of all, don’t use the Wireless Electric fence on the small dogs. And use this Fence for healthy dogs because these mild shocks don’t harm an adult dog.

2: How do you install an Electric Fence for dogs?

The installation process of the Electric Fence was so easy, and the under and overground fence systems have a different installation process. Some wires have other functions. Still, the inground system you just set up in a couple of hours.

3: Can I use the shocks on all types of breeds?

No, you cannot use these shocks levels on small dogs like a toy breed or those dogs whose weight is less. Shocks can affect the pugs and papillons breed because the shocks create fear and anxiety level in your dog.

4: Can I Use a Wireless Electric Dog Fence with multiple dogs?

Yes, you can use a Portable Electric Dog Fence system on multiple dogs, but it varies from product to product. In contrast, some products offer unlimited dogs you connect to the transmitter, but some are limited.

5: Can a shocks collar damage a dog’s throat?

Any collar that tightens and puts pressure on the points of the dog’s throat can cause physical injuries. Serious injuries mainly occur in dogs due to the wear of a collar for a long time and continue strain on the leash. So don’t wear the dog’s collar for a long time.

6: How far will a Wireless Electric Fence work?

This feature may depend on the product you buy. All products have a different area, while some range from 3 to 25 acres as different from product to product.

7: Do a Wireless Electric Dog Fence work?

Most people think that an invisible underground dog fence is best to secure your dog in the yard. But it is not effective as you might think. Wireless Electric Dog Fence is 70 percent effective.

8: What are the Pros of Wireless Electric Dog Fences?

Wireless Electric Dog Fences are waterproof, and after using this, your dog feels comfortable. Its installation is so easy, and the collar is rechargeable and replaceable battery features, etc.

9: For what age of the Wireless Electric Dog Fence is used?

It is not suitable for puppies. If your puppy’s age is six months, it is not recommended for you because these shocks levels hurt your dog. You can use it on adult dogs, and you may increase the severity of the shocks levels.

10: How long does it take to train my dog?

If you have a Wireless Electric dog owner, you train your dog in more than six months. In six months, your dog is thoroughly trained and exhaustively knows the boundaries.


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